Busy Bee

September 12, 2009

I’ve just been too busy to think about Wardrobe Remix pictures recently, or even to put much thought into getting dressed at all. Hopefully I’m establishing a better routine and the semester will flow a little more smoothly now that it’s going on the fourth week. Anyway, here’s one from last night. Same white jeans I posted recently. Aint got the energy to switch it up.

Out to dinner

Patrick and I went out to dinner at Bistro 1245, which is always fresh and delicious. I love sitting outside at the restaurant late in the day when it’s not so dang hot, but hasn’t cooled down enough that the breeze gives me goosebumps. (I generally get cold at the slightest gust of wind). After, we went and watched a film with some of my Water Politics and Policy classmates. Kind of cool to turn something class-related into a Friday night social event, right? Or just nerdy.

Now it’s rainy, and I have to get to work. I never use my weekends effectively, but it’s vital that this one is productive. Luckily I had an indulgent trip to the grocery store this morning so I have all the food I could ever want–and munching is what keeps me going when I’m doing my work. One of those bad habits you’re supposed to recognize about yourself and put to an end, by, say, chewing a piece of gum. Right.

3 Responses to “Busy Bee”

  1. Love the tan bag with the black and white outfit!

  2. ashley hietpas Says:

    That outfit totally reaffirms my previous statement about you looking so grown-up. It’s a good thing, I swear. I’m 22 and I still run around with cut off jeans, a wifebeater and ratty shoes.

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Haha Ashley. I confess that in the past year I’ve developed a strange affinity for stores like NY&Co, and I kind of feel like I’m outgrowing skinny jeans. BUT most of the time I am still in jeans and flip-flops, not sophisticated at all.

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