30 for 30: Day 8 and a swap

November 21, 2010

Patterned skirt: 30 for 30

How can I phrase this? I swapped another item from my original 30. If you’ll recall (and I’m just sure you do), the only skirts I initially included were these:

30 for 30 picks

Almost identical, right? Well the issue was that I had recently cleaned out my closet, purging almost 50 items from my wardrobe, including nearly all my skirts. Apparently I no longer like the type of skirt I had gotten used to buying, mostly bohemian-style, long, loose, and worn low. But I wanted to incorporate skirts into my 30 for 30. I’ve only worn the pleather-y one so far. So, um, I’m swapping the other one with this patterned skirt. Which, er, I bought. At a consignment store. For $3.50. Yesterday.

Gah. I cheated. No beating around the bush. But I’m giving myself a pass (isn’t that nice?) because I’m getting rid of so many other clothes (they’re still in my house waiting to be gotten rid of), because I’m still sticking to 30 items, because this skirt was second-hand, and because it was $3.50 on a half-off rack out in front of the store.

Bad Toni. Bad. Don’t I look sorry?

Patterned skirt: 30 for 30

This is what I wore to go to the movies with some classmates today. [Earrings and belt also from the consignment store. I love these finds! Purse: Thrifted, previously.]

I quite like today’s outfit. I thought about wearing a colorful cardigan but the weather is still in the high 70s and, besides, I ripped it in the midst of tucking and untucking. Ugh. Luckily, just yesterday I saw a clothing repair shop so I may bring it there, along with my favorite blue vintage dress that desperately needs some TLC.

30 for 30: Day 6

November 18, 2010

30 for 30 Day 6

I realize that the “remixing” aspect of the 30 for 30 challenge is really not going to hit me until at least I’m a third of the way through. I haven’t yet had to deal with much of a challenge, if anything, it’s been faster getting dressed in the morning. I will admit I’m primping a little more knowing I’ll be putting a picture up each day…at least paying a little attention to my hair and makeup on days when I would normally not consider it at all.

30 for 30 Day 6

Today’s outfit was pretty simple, but I felt quite satisfied with it (much more so than the infamous–okay, only infamous to me–Day 3 look, which I think will be my least favorite of the entire damn challenge). I keep contemplating adding accessories like belts around the waist, yet most days, it doesn’t feel like “me,” rather, more like I’m trying to pull off looks I see online. It’s interesting trying to figure out the difference between being motivated to try new things–which I view in a positive light–and just wanting to kind of copy other looks in an attempt to keep up. I don’t dress like the fashion bloggers I like; for example, I rarely wear skirts, and I clearly don’t do much in the way of accessorizing. Previously I’ve mentioned that I loved this “closet visit” by Jeana Sohn. The reason it has stayed on my mind is because, rather than feeling any pressure to emulate the fashion depicted, I just felt inspired to explore my own style, to get creative in my own ways. And, well, I haven’t exactly done that yet, but I’ll be keeping these thoughts in mind.

A few other recent internet loves:
NYC Christmas photos.
This apartment.
Some of the more colorful rooms in this apartment. (I’m already envisioning doing more feminine decorating if I move out of the place I share with my boyfriend, pending an out-of-town job after grad school; funny, he says if he has own place it will be much less feminine than our current home.)
Recipes involving hazelnuts, because I just bought some without having any idea what to do with them.
This coffee station.
Water taxis to IKEA.
And Buenos Aires travel guides. Hey, a girl can dream.

I am so glad it’s almost Thanksgiving! I cannot wait to start cooking some vegetarian meals, see my friends and family, and, oh yeah, spend most of my days working on final papers. However, I’m not going to complain about that last point because even though the school holiday doesn’t officially start until Thursday, my Tuesday and Wednesday classes are canceled! YES.

Day 2: 30 for 30

November 9, 2010

A VERY quick post. On my way to design a conference poster, read for class, go to class, pack, and leave town.

30 for 30: Day 2

I look like I’m marketing my dog for breeding purposes.

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Eeek! Day One!

November 8, 2010

For a break down of my clothes, see this post.

30 for 30: Day One!

Well I’m starting off 30 for 30 on a high note, probably because I’m just beginning and still excited about it :)

It had been cold-ish outdoors lately but this week is going to be in the 70s and 80s (though it’s still pretty cool in the mornings and at night). I figure I will make the most of the warm weather and wear as many skirts and dresses as I can fit in before the temperatures drop again. I know I see pictures of people wearing skirts and tights in weather much colder than we normally get in Florida, but when I’m cold, all I want to do is throw on jeans and a sweater (and boots…and a coat…and a scarf–what can I say, we Floridians bundle up for the short periods of time when it’s not hot!).

Anyway. I added some F21 tights and a light vintage coat to the mix. Oh how I love this coat:

30 for 30: Day One!

I just want to say that I am so excited about this challenge and all the other participants. I’ve started looking through some of the many links and already discovered so many blogs I know I’m going to love! Huge thanks to Kendi for organizing this project.

I’ve decided not to talk to my boyfriend about 30 for 30 much. I talked about fashion way too much this weekend, and I think I’ll try to save up my comments for the blog. He is nice enough to take my picture, I figure I owe it to him not to go overboard :b

So here’s a thought: This outfit (and anytime I wear others like it) make me think of Afeitar. Both the style and the colors. Actually, I think I fairly often notice that my outfits remind me of various bloggers. If I notice it again, I’ll note it. I’m still trying to figure out what the La Vie Toni style is…

30 for 30: Day One!

I am going to spend the day in the library, like I meant to do this weekend. So much for that. Here’s to a productive day!

Bonus shot of my breakfast this morning (I know, I should include a protein). I’ve been eating both applesauce and English muffins a lot lately. The applesauce is unsweetened; I just add cinnamon and it’s delicious! I hope this means my enormous sweet tooth is less powerful than it used to be…I distinctly remember thinking unsweetened applesauce was inedible the last time I tried it.


My 30 for 30 Picks*

November 7, 2010


30 for 30 picks

30 for 30 picks

30 for 30 picks

30 for 30 picks

30 for 30 picks

Read on to see entire list:

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My Kind Of Outfit

November 6, 2010

My kind of outfit

Jeans. Mostly neutral colors. Comfortable shoes. Minimal accessories. Yep, kind of a go-to look. Would have worn a necklace but I got my highlights touched up today and didn’t want it to get in the stylist’s way.

My kind of outfit

Jacket: Joujou
White sweater: Old Navy
Green tank top: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Paris Blues
Boots: H&M
Purse: Not sure of the brand, got it at Kohls

It’s a gorgeous day outside. I’ve already walked through the local downtown arts festival quickly, but I’m going again this afternoon–my landlord will be performing with his Klezmer band! Until then, I’m going to clean house so that tomorrow I can focus solely on school and conference prep.

Signing off with lentils and rice and everything nice.

Rice and lentils

Rice and lentils

30 for 30

November 1, 2010

Did I remember to take an outfit photo on Friday, when I was flying to DC in a leopard print dress, knee-high boots, and freshly blow-dried hair? Of course not. Instead, I remember on days when I’m running out the door to school in skinny pants, a comfortable shirt, flip flops, and a sloppy/unwashed ponytail. I had posted a picture but frankly it was just annoying me. I’m not a daily photo kind of person. I’ll post one when I remember, and when it’s an inspired ensemble.

I’m thinking of participating in this 30 for 30 Fall Challenge, starting next Monday, November 8th via Kendi Everyday. It involves (re)mixing up to 30, and only 30–including shoes, clothing items into different outfits over about a month period. And no shopping.

I’m pretty on board with this idea since it reflects what I’ve been trying to do recently: Wear what’s in my closet (or get rid of it). I’ve been trying to avoid shopping for clothes this semester, beyond making a few investments I thought were reasonable.

I had been hoping to do a little thrift-store shopping to get my creative juices flowing. Well, maybe I’ll do my last bit of shopping before the 30 for 30 Fall Challenge begins in a week. Lord knows there’s plenty of stuff in my closet that has not seen the light of day in ages. And this will give me the opportunity to focus on accessorizing, something I often don’t give much thought to.

In other news, I just booked my hotel and plane tickets to visit NYC in December for my 25th birthday! Well, it won’t fall right on my birthday since I’ll be grading students’ final papers then, but close enough. I am so excited. I’ve done very little traveling in recent years, so it’s hard to believe how much I have traveled, and will travel, in the second half of 2010.

  • Two months in Maryland for an internship.
  • Ten days touring Scotland.
  • The Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC.
  • An academic conference in Denver.
  • A birthday celebration in New York (at Christmastime!).
  • I even went to Key West for the first time this year.

Experiences over shopping. That’s my goal. Now if only my new boots would arrive, the ones I think will be perfect for trekking around the Big Apple..