August 18, 2009

Well, I am normally pretty lazy fashion-wise, but I’ve been feeling like putting a little more effort into getting dressed lately (cough blame (500) Days of Summer cough) so I will try to do Wardrobe Remix style shots for a while and see if I actually stick with it. I don’t wear dresses much but I have some vintage ones coming in the mail so hopefully those work out.

Wardrobe Remix?

5 Responses to “Orientation”

  1. Annabella Says:

    It seem’s to me that she is just a jealous, ignorant young lady.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, these people never get far in life and aren’t worth an ounce of discomfort or anger.

    Much love.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks. Frankly, she added a little excitement to my boring orientation. I basically just listened to her the whole time, amazed at what I was hearing. Hopefully she doesn’t rise very high in academia.

  3. squaresquiggle Says:

    After I saw that film.. i too want to dress like her. I want to put bows in my hair everyday and wear cut cardigans hahaa. Uh I loved her clothes!

    and I love you hair in that picture!

  4. Kristen Says:

    Goo. It sounds like you handled the situation with the utmost grace though. Love the flower in your hair! Is it a hair clip or a headband?

  5. lavietoni Says:

    Heh, I basically just ignored her after half-heartedly trying to tell her in under 15 seconds what I might do w/ my degree. Honestly, if she had kept badgering me I might not have acted gracefully at all >:(

    Anyway, the flower is a pin, I have a black one too…I LOVE them and have been wearing them way too much. I didn’t realize I had such an affinity for hair accessories, I’ll probably stock up on more :)

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