Eye Candy

April 22, 2011

Since I’m not out doing things worthy of taking pictures right now (give me a week and I will be), here’s some other eye candy.

These are images of peaceful bedrooms I’ve saved. I can’t remember where they all come from but I can give credit/take down any pics upon request!



Inspiration from Design*Sponge
I know this is from Design*Sponge

And my favorite of the group, I think, which was originally in Domino Magazine (I have that issue, sigh):


Next, my best friend is going to try on wedding dresses at a trunk show tomorrow. I admit I have saved from favorites, myself…

Exhibit A:



Wish I had some better photos of that one.

Exhibit B:

Wedding stuff

Wedding stuff


Exhibit C:

Ruffled blog

Ruffled blog


Exhibit D:

Love this dress

Love this dress


Notice a trend?

Finally, a few good reads:

  • I was thrilled to discover The Fearful Adventurer since I, too, am “rife with phobias, fears, and anxieties”. This piece about a mother’s love and support of her daughter is beautiful though.
  • Too many good posts at inFITation lately to list just one–not to mention the beautiful pictures of Hawaii. Sigh.
  • Thoughts on shopping, budgeting, and Tax Day.
  • How to Earn A Living Online from A Foreign Country. Ok, I’ve only briefly skimmed this but I want to come back to it. Just in case.
  • An interesting post about atheism and faith.
  • I hadn’t really read Elle Magazine in years but since following Elle on Twitter recently, I’ve been enjoying the articles posted online, like this one on unrealistic sex scenes in Hollywood. Or this overview of six food bloggers. (“There are now the gossip bloggers, the traveling eaters, the snap-my-every-mealers, the restaurant reviewers, and the home cooks who include, but are not limited to, moms, small-kitchen copers, and strangers-in-a-strange-land homemakers.”)
  • It’s been a couple of weeks since this post but oh my gosh, I love this watercolor portrait! Since sort of, um, failing at the 30 for 30 challenge in the fall I have been a little out of touch with the fashion blogging world but this made me miss it. Actually, I was just browsing through my outfit photos the other day and picked out some of my favorites. It was interesting to see what stood out to me. Simple, classic, and feminine are the adjectives that occurred to me.
    30 for 30 FavesAnyhow! Enjoy, while I work to finish a paper tonight. So that I can start a take home test. And another paper. How can I even process that I will be done with all this in a week?

One Response to “Eye Candy”

  1. SoapBird Says:

    Great photos! You’re so photogenic. Thanks for sharing. :)

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