Etsy Lust

April 19, 2011

Six items I’m loving on Etsy right now that are reasonably priced and in my size range. And seriously tempting me. Nobody buy these things. Wait, why am I showing them to anyone again? Oh right, because my birthday’s coming up in 8 months.

Etsy Wish List

Etsy Wish List

Etsy Wish List

From left to right:
First row
1970’s Copacabana off shoulder top, CapriciousTraveler, $29
Size 8.5 wood sole 70s GOLD sandal heels , Moonshinehill, $45

Second row
1970s vintage pink and black polka dot pin up stunner, SouthernDropout, $45
Vintage 50s Style Palest Yellow Flocked Dress, Studio1950, $42

Third row
New petrol blue flamenco necklace scarf, lightly sequined, Textilemonster, $18
Messenger black white sackcloth, CrazyBoy, $43

PS – I liked this article a little too much: “Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs.”

One Response to “Etsy Lust”

  1. Nelda Says:

    A very nice collection!

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