No Limits

May 10, 2011 - There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.

Heh, couldn’t help but love this after a friend posted it on Facebook. Now that I’ve made a big ole to-do list, it’s funny to see which tasks actually get accomplished so that I can avoid others.

Pour moi:

To do in next few days (updated 5/17)

  • Pick up paper from professor
  • Pick up RX
  • Find out about U-Haul & renting storage unit, move first load
  • Start Herman on new diet
  • Work on part-time job – 3 major tasks
  • Schedule license test date for next week or week after
  • Finish laundry and dishes
  • Prepare for out of state job interview including clothing/shoes/bag?
  • Apply for bookmarked jobs
  • List items on Craigslist
  • Apply for passport and/or certificate of citizenship

Important and urgent

  • Sell clothing, furniture, home decor (need to photograph, price, and list items)
  • Organize the hell out of paperwork, photographs, and other stuff
  • Pack and plan for moving home (figure out transportation, rent storage space)
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom, do mountain of laundry
  • Schedule and go to Herman’s vet appointment
  • Get computer fixed
  • Continue attending driver’s ed, practice driving, and get license at end of the month
  • Submit passport application, possibly go to agency in Miami if I keep having problems with this
  • Figure out what’s next with part-time job
  • Continue looking and applying for full-time work
  • Write essay for particular job application (this one is torturing me; I’ve done two out of three, but barely a week after graduating, my essay-writing mojo is seriously depleted)
  • “Network”…sigh

To do quickly, but less urgent

  • Return office key
  • Return emails
  • Return book I borrowed
  • Get digital camera charger back
  • Give mom belated card
  • Send final project to organization
  • Get a handle on email (merge email accounts, prepare to lose school account, clean out trash, etc.)
  • Write letter of recommendation for myself “from advisor” (she asked me to draft it, yikes)
  • Change address where necessary (with bank, magazine subscription, etc.)
  • Look into getting a rewards card with travel benefits
  • Go to farmers’ market and cook veggie-laden meals
  • Start running again
  • Get prescription sunglasses
  • Order skincare products I’m low on
  • Maid of Honor duties (i.e. do whatever wedding stuff with my bff!)
  • Visit one of oldest friends in Louisiana (scheduled for next month, yay!)
  • Tackle blogging goals :)

To do eventually

  • Have rug cleaned and chair cushions upholstered
  • Figure out a car situation
  • Figure out student loan repayment
  • Go to dentist
  • All things related to moving out of my parents’ house (whenever that is) – may need bed, dining table, we’ll see

One Response to “No Limits”

  1. Little Red. Says:

    Sounds like you have a busy life at the moment. Good luck with getting it all done :-) Nice blog!

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