Summer Lovin’

May 3, 2011

Today I shipped three clothing returns (F21, Express, Zappos) and a cellphone rebate form. I’d been meaning to do that forever but just didn’t get around to it while school was still in session. It’s a nice weight lifted, especially since I just found out my cellphone rebate form had to be postmarked by tomorrow! Normally, I have the kind of luck where I’d have missed the deadline by a day, but instead I discovered it just in time, so that made me really happy. Then I went to lunch at a cafe down the street, alone, and for the very first time, found myself exhaling, relaxing, and enjoying the feeling of summer. Since I had my point-and-shoot on me, I even snapped some photos, just to celebrate the fact that I can go back into picture-taking mode again now!

Summer has begun

Summer has begun
Hummus and Swiss black bean burger, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookie…yum.

Although I graduated on Friday, it took me until Sunday to wrap up the semester. Then, after I submitted my final paper (the writing of which felt like pulling teeth) I went into a sort of coma for the rest of the afternoon. I felt not relief, but numbness. Probably exhaustion, considering I slept until almost 1pm yesterday, and I despise sleeping late in the morning, let alone into the afternoon. Perhaps I needed all that rest, but as of today, it’s time to start taking care of myself again. Waking up at a decent hour, cooking real meals, exercising, getting the house back in order (or more like, purging items and paperwork and starting to prepare for the move out).

Also on my to-do list:

  • apply for passport
  • sell clothing and home items
  • get in touch with old friends/plan summer activities
  • keep job-hunting
  • repair desktop computer
  • take Herman to the vet
  • refresh some furniture

I’m also still in my driver’s ed class for the rest of the month. We left the driving range and started driving in the “real world” about two weeks ago, so it has gotten 100X more terrifying. But also exciting.

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