Travel Edition: Key West

April 14, 2011

In honor of all travel bloggers I’ve been raving about lately (seriously, My Beautiful Adventures puts me in a good mood first thing in the morning), I thought it was time to put up pictures from my Key West trip in July 2010 that I somehow never posted. Very unlike me, I know, but it was while I was away for an internship and only had my netbook with me–that was not a fun summer for spending time at the computer. I haven’t mentioned this because I don’t feel like dwelling on it (yet) but my desktop computer recently crashed and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my documents off of it. I have uploaded many of my photos to Flickr, thank goodness, but I panicked thinking I’d lost my Key West pictures forever, since I was having trouble finding them. Luckily, they’re there, I just never put them in a set.

For someone who has lived in Florida for, oh, 12 years, it’s sad that I’ve only been to Key West once, but at least I finally made it. I owe it to Patrick’s amazing family and can’t thank them enough for bringing me on such a wonderful trip.

Key West 127

We stayed at the most adorable bed and breakfast, the Marquesa. I haven’t been on many official “vacations” in my life (I grew up visiting family in Michigan in the summers and that was about it) so I felt incredibly pampered here.

Key West 173

Key West 175

Key West 072

Key West 099

Key West 090

I was sort of flipping out over things like Fiji water, cookies, and having a fluffy robe waiting for me. Such luxury.

Key West 114

Key West 066

Street performers.

Key West 147

Key West 142

Key West 133

Just walking around.

Key West 117

Key West 205

Key West 037

Key West 038

Key West 018

Key West 027

An amazing crepe place.

Key West 057

Key West 056

Key West 055

Just give me a crepe with butter and sugar and I’m happy.

Key West 058

Night life!

Key West 003

Key West 050

Key West 049

Key West 186

Key West 188

Oh how I did not want to leave.

Key West 210

Key West 126

For more travel photos, check out my gazillion posts on Scotland (here, for example). Or New York. Or even South Florida.

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