April 12, 2011

I don’t know what the blogosphere version of a “friend of a friend” is, but I heard about Lisa Eldridge’s makeup videos through a blogger who mentioned another blogger and I don’t recall who either was at this point. Anyway, I mentioned Lisa in my last post but her newest video blew me away. Just as I was about to play one of the Youtube relaxation videos I listen to every night to fall asleep, I decided to check this one out, and it left me, yes, enchanted. I can’t wait for the other videos Lisa will be doing for Vintage Week. Perhaps something about vintage makeup (not vintage-inspired styles, although I love those too, but actual vintage makeup) speaks to the complicated overlap of my loves for feminism, beauty, and history. Especially when narrated by someone so lovely and enthusiastic and well-spoken as Lisa Eldridge. Girl crush much?

I’m also excited about my sudden realization tonight that I want to read travel memoirs. I have been so inspired by travel blogs recently that I’d like to immerse myself in some books, maybe even classic travel writing, as well. A few I’ve considered include:

Travels with Charlie in Search of America
by John Steinbeck
Blue Highways: A Journey into America and PrairyErth, both by William Least Heat-Moon
My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud’Homme
Recommendations are welcome!

I like to think that if I surround myself with enough people and texts talking about travel, eventually, I’ll make it happen. It already seems much less impossible than it used to, solely because I’m suddenly encountering many, many people through the wonders of the internet who are out there doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I really need to get on my passport application, but tonight I’ve been thinking about how much of the United States I’ve never seen. After all, I’m only just getting my driver’s license (next month is the plan) which, soon enough, will open up an American right of passage for me, one in which I have never been able to partake: just getting in a car and going…going…going…

7 Responses to “Enchanted”

  1. Rachel Carner Says:

    A Journey with Elsa Cloud, by Leila Hadley (Estranged mother & daughter team up to travel in Tibet)

    Maiden Voyages (it’s an anthology that includes many writers that you’ll want to pursue further)

    Speak to the Earth, by Vivienne de Watteville (one of the best of the many lady-on-safari books out there)

    If you like the Julia Child book, you may want to check out MFK Fisher.

    Ugh, I’m in the middle of a move and ALL my books are in storage, or else I’d leave a million more suggestions.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Awesome, thanks! I will definitely look into these, and I remember seeing MFK Fisher’s writing in bookstores back when I used to actually go to bookstores..

  3. Julianne Says:

    Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman! I read it recently and loved it. I dream of traveling, too, but it still feels out of reach for me.

  4. Ashley H Says:

    Blue Highways is so good. One of my favorites!

  5. infitation Says:

    I’ve just recently discovered travel blogs through your blogroll and I am absolutely obsessed (my favorite is Adventurous Kate). They’ve actually helped motivate me in my school endeavors since International Relations and Travel go hand in hand. I’m writing down your list of books & putting one on my next “to read” list!

  6. […] enough, while exploring some reading material on traveling (inspired by my friend Toni’s post Enchanted) I came across this site: The Art of Non-Conformity and then read it’s manifesto, A Brief […]

  7. lavietoni Says:

    Awesome to know, Ashley! I read about it on Amazon and it looks soo good. Candice, yay I can’t wait to read your most recent post. When I was a Poli Sci undergrad I really wanted to do IR so I’d have an excuse to travel but it just didn’t work out. That’s seriously such a good path.

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