Sell Out

April 9, 2011

I am a lazy blogger.

In fact, I am quite sure that I will never consider myself a “blogger” because what I do is something far more haphazard than what bloggers do.

So I tried to change my crappy free WordPress theme to another, hopefully slightly less crappy, free WordPress theme, but after doing this, I realized the column where I post photos is narrower than the size of pictures I’ve been posting. Meaning all my previous photos, at least the horizontal ones, are now partially cut off. I’m trying to decide what, if any steps, I should take to remedy this. Because I’m feeling really, really lazy.* [Or does this shit even matter anymore since people started reading blogs through things like…Google Reader? Or Bloglovin’? I honestly still do not get how that stuff works, but realizing I had 105 subscribers in Google was a WTF moment for me as I estimated about 0.]

I haven’t been too lazy to waste time in other ways lately though. (Wait, does that sentence even make sense?)

I have, for example, started watching Six Feet Under, mostly just to fawn over Michael C. Hall. And last night I had a spur of the moment CVS trip that reminded me of my days in high school and early college when, about every two months or so, I’d splurge on a ton of new drugstore cosmetics. Last night I came away with new makeup and two boxes of L’Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse Hair Color (inadvertently in two different colors). I know. I had done the all-natural henna two months ago and was raving about it. Then my roots started to grow out. And the thought of working with that mud, leaving it on my hair for hours, and–here’s the kicker–smelling like hay for the next three weeks just sort of gave way to the comforting boxes of dye on display at CVS. Hair dye in a mousse, no less. Easier to apply than ever. Voila: a combination of medium and dark brown.**

Brown hair

I still have some henna and will probably use it up eventually, but for this weekend, I felt like a quick and easy change. This might be a bad thing, because I thought my days of impulsive hair change were over. And they probably should be.

As my mass following on Twitter knows (ha) other time-wasters this weekend have included perusing an excellent issue of Real Simple and watching makeup tutorials by Lisa Eldridge. I highly recommend both. Tomorrow I might venture down the street to the Spring Arts Festival, so who knows, maybe my camera will get some action again. I should shoot film like I’ve been wanting to for a while.

I suppose I will stop myself before I start talking about things like school and work and impending joblessness and homelessness…you know, the fun stuff.

*Okay, I confess that I would like to have a nice-looking blog one day.

**I actually thought my hair looked pretty glorious when I woke up this morning, but this picture was taken after my first attempt at The Bollywood Dance Workout with Hemalayaa which not only got me sweaty, but involved the excessive whipping of my hair back and forth. Perhaps attractive in the moment, less so afterword.

2 Responses to “Sell Out”

  1. Cara-Mia Says:

    Looks lovely, whether or not it was done with henna. :D

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks :b

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