Inspiring Myself

March 26, 2011

It’s official: I’m defending my Master’s project this week, and considering that my “committee” is comprised of exactly one person, there’s little chance of anything going seriously wrong. I’m nervous but ultimately already feel a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. The semester is going to start winding down (actually, winding down usually involves first winding up, but at least the end is near). Soon I’ll be able to turn my attention back toward, well, myself. I am excited to put more effort into getting dressed in the morning again. To be active and creative. To go thrifting, (attempt to) refinish some old furniture, or at least do some spray painting. To go camping (anyone?), swim in the ocean, visit a new city. To take photos, test new recipes, try out that Bollywood dance DVD, make my own natural cleaning products, write letters…the old fashion kind…no, not email.

Lately I have been feeling that while there is so much beauty and creativity available for consumption via the internet and magazines–inspiration that can be and has been wonderfully life-changing–I long to inspire myself. To live my own inspiration. To experience, to create, to do. Not that I’m completely tuning out of all the sources I normally turn to for eye candy or recipes or decor ideas (I’m looking at you, Emily–I can’t believe I know this girl IRL). Just toning it down a bit until I’m ready to participate too.

Travel is still on my mind almost constantly. I haven’t yet decided what path to take when I graduate. Working abroad is something I continue to dream about. Taking a shorter international trip is a possibility. Or maybe it’s smarter to hunker down, search for a job, and go nowhere. Is the best compromise traveling within the US? I just don’t know. I keep come back to the thought of getting a temporary work visa for the Republic of Ireland (given that the UK is basically out of the question due to restrictions on similar visas). It seems financially risky but at the same time, if I don’t do it (or something like it) now–right after grad school, before starting a career (or, um, family?), and before student loan repayments begin–I probably never will. Sigh. Cue quarter life angst. BTW, a blog I’ve been LOVING–in part because of its honest discussion of said angst (here, for example) and its emphasis on travel–is The Wanderlust Project. On that note, travel blogs, that is, I am SO excited that Kay is finally in India!! and just as ecstatic to discover Lost in Cheeseland.

3 Responses to “Inspiring Myself”

  1. SoapBird Says:

    Ahh! Life! It’s definitely an amazing adventure! You only live once so embrace your blessings and let God take care of the rest. A refreshing post! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Sheryll Says:

    Hi Toni!
    Thanks for mentioning me! I say go travel. There’s plenty of time to try to figure out the rest of that stuff. Better to do it young while you still can, right? If you ever need anything or want to talk, I’m an email away!

  3. i love this post! thoughts of traveling the world are in my mind 24/7. good to know i am not the only one longing for adventure. best of luck to you, wherever you go! <3

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