Spring Break Wish List

March 4, 2011

Never mind that I have papers to grade, two fifteen-page papers and one ten-page paper to write, a survey to edit, cleaning and packing to do, and oodles of other stuff to get done…


I’m not sure I have ever needed a week off so badly, even just to catch up on work (but also to lounge around the house, go to the pool, and hopefully have some fun!). Now here’s a wish list of what I’d like to be wearing over said break. Most is F21 so obviously pretty cheap…and therefore all the more tempting. Sigh.

Wish List
Wish List
Love the back.

Wish List
I may buy these.

Wish List
I’ve been wanting a bright pencil skirt for a while now.

Wish List
Probably wouldn’t get much wear out of this, tbh, but it’s so pretty.

Wish List
I’m in a red kind of mood lately.

The next shoes are not from Forever21, but shoes.com and zappos.com. Honestly, I don’t buy shoes anywhere else without checking those places (and 6pm.com) first these days. They usually have what other stores are carrying, but with lots of reviews, more ranges in color, quick shipping, and sometimes better prices (6pm.com definitely has good deals but a more limited range of sizes and colors since it’s the Zappos outlet, I believe).

Wish List
My favorite sandals I’ve seen this season. Franco Sarto has become my favorite brand for shoes, I’ve decided.

Wish List
More red. I love high heels with platforms and from reading the reviews, these are supposed to be pretty comfortable and walkable.

Not pictured: Ballet flats. I just want a new pair. Don’t have any in particular I’m in love with, I just like them classic and comfortable. I’m also loving a lot of the retro looking clunky platforms and wedges out there right now but I already have two pairs that have this style covered.

There are tons of things I love on Etsy, as usual, but the thing about Etsy is A) shipping costs add up quickly if ordering from more than one seller, and B) you just don’t have the ease of returning things if you don’t like them in person/they don’t fit. So unfortunately that’s kept me from ordering much from Etsy lately.

…I just remembered that today is the deadline to order my cap and gown for graduation. I guess that has priority over my spring break wish list, but I can’t say I’m thrilled to fork over the $70 for it (coincidentally, all of the above items from F21 add up to $70 as well). Update: Turns out my parents will cover the cap and gown (and hood). Thanks mom and dad!

One Response to “Spring Break Wish List”

  1. Ana Says:

    I also love those dark blue sandals. Quite stunning and unique compared to everything else out there.

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