National Nutrition Month

March 1, 2011

I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month

I’ve accomplished some things I’m proud of since I left my parents’ home for college almost seven years ago. I’ve done well in school (and now graduate school), volunteered, landed some good internships, and picked up some new hobbies. But I also feel like I’ve limited my own life in a lot of ways. I’ve taken out huge amounts of student loans without having a good understanding of my finances, I never learned how to drive a car, I have only recently become interested in eating well, and I haven’t done any exercise outside of walking, other than a semester of yoga I did several years ago. I think those are four big things (and there are others) that have kept me from feeling independent, happy, healthy, etc. etc. And this year I’m really trying to take steps to address them.

So even I’m not very good at long-term blogging challenges or projects, but I’m pretty excited about National Nutrition Month. Between stepping up my emphasis on eating healthily and starting running (at this point, it’s mostly walking, a little running), I’m already feeling better despite having a very stressful semester, and I’d like to focus on those things more this month. I’ll also continue to take the driving classes I’ve been going to two nights a week, learn more about budgeting, and look into more options for traveling and even working abroad, since that has always been a dream of mine.

I mentioned in my last post that I just bought a single-serving blender, and I swear it has reinvigorated my morning routine. I’ve been making the most awesome smoothies, with everything from berries (all sorts), bananas, and peaches to spinach and avocado, and I always have almonds or walnuts on the side. For lunch I usually eat the Krishna lunch I’ve mentioned a million times (usually a large salad with smaller portions of beans and rice, and a vegetable dish), and I’m still working on healthy dinners. My goal is to eat less pasta and bread–particularly the non-whole grain sort, less butter and cheese, and less sugar. Because those are my weaknesses. My strengths are that I already don’t eat many processed foods, I enjoy cooking, I rarely drink anything other than water, and I’m a vegetarian (yes, I view this as a strength as long as I am a responsible veg).

Let National Nutrition Month commence!

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