Expensive and Tropical

February 26, 2011

Warm weather dress

Hooray, an outfit picture! If you can call a dress an outfit. I believe it was in the 80s here in Florida today and I pretended I was on a tropical vacation while I ran errands. It’s been so pretty out all week.

A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

This weekend, however, has been stupidly expensive. Yesterday I took my dog to the vet because I was convinced he’d eaten the dark chocolate bar I remembered leaving on my bed side table–I’m talking 85% cocoa. Alas, after paying my vet the big bucks to induce vomiting in my poor pup, it turns out I had simply moved the chocolate to another spot in the house and left the wrapper near my bed (why? no idea). My angel of a dog did not touch it. As I should have known. He doesn’t ever do stuff like that–no chewing on things that shouldn’t be chewed, no stealing food, no digging in the trash, no messes, nothing. Sigh <3


Today I bought of a bunch of other stuff, some out of necessity, and the rest…well, you know. I ended up with:

  • a new phone because mine was breaking down and the touch screen no longer worked (it will be free after a mail-in rebate, oh how annoying mail-in rebates are, but whatever)
  • some proper exercise clothes since I think my body is mad at me for getting all sweaty in the lounge clothes I had been working out in
  • a watch, mostly to keep the time when I’m running
  • a shoe rack since I keep all my shoes in a big messy box
  • some underthings, because, well, it was time to re-stock
  • two belts and a purse at a garage sale, for no justifiable reason except that they were cute and being sold at garage sale prices
  • a single serving blender that is also a portable cup so I can drink my smoothie from where I make it (I hate using my big blender and usually avoid it because it’s such a hassle)
  • groceries, cause girl’s gotta eat, though girl could probably spend less on groceries than girl currently does
  • oh, and I had Panera

Whew. I just feel drained from shopping–and from spending. I am really glad I didn’t succumb to the shoes I was looking at on Zappos yesterday, or the clothes calling to me in Target this morning. Upcoming expenses outside of paying the bills and buying groceries include going to a 3-day music festival (not TOTALLY my cup of tea but my best friend invited me and I never see her, plus, okay, it could be really fun), possibly getting contact lenses and/or a second pair of glasses, a few business clothes, not to mention hopefully plane tickets, a passport, and I’m going to stop here because I am just tired of thinking about money, honey. Here are some more pictures from my day instead:


A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

A Pretty Saturday

3 Responses to “Expensive and Tropical”

  1. infitation Says:

    Your hair color is amazing! Is that color the results of the hemp dye? It looks great on you :)

  2. lavietoni Says:

    It’s the henna dye! Thanks! I have to say, I’ve noticed some drawbacks over the past few weeks (um, my hair STILL smells like henna) but I’m pretty happy with it :)

  3. infitation Says:

    Oh, it was henna not hemp – I don’t know how I mixed those two up! I guess they’re both “natural” but if I’d thought about it hemp might give you green hair and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, lol.

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