January 22, 2011

I love, love, love this video. Sigh, it’s scenes like this–and practically every old movie I watch on TCM–that makes me want to cut my hair, but I know that when I cut my hair I won’t style it most of the time and even when I do I won’t look like they did.

However, the first two purchases (clothing-wise) that I’ve made this year would fit into Gwen Stefani’s Cool world, so that makes me happy.

You know what else inspires me? Blogs. Bloggers. Do you guys talk about blogs to people “in real life”? Cause I do…a lot. Blogs have replaced a lot of other forms of media for me, mainly magazines, I guess. So many of them, you, inspire me, so thank you! (I’ve also come to the conclusion that there are just a few blogs who construct such perfect lifestyles that I usually come away feeling jealous, and although I don’t like that about myself, I’ve slowly stopped reading them.)

Lately I've been ordering more and more products online as I get pickier about my purchases–like, say, wanting stainless steel cookie sheets and I can't find them anywhere in town, dammit. And not only is the internet shopping world, obviously, vast and amazing, but reading online reviews and seeing pictures from online reviewers has been soo helpful. So thanks again, online folks. For all your help. It means a lot.

3 Responses to “Thanks!”

  1. I talk about blogs all the time to BF and other people ” I read the other day…”

    Pictures, content.. it all makes me feel so good seeing what others are up to :) Like a live magazine!

  2. infitation Says:

    How have I not seen that video before?! Amazing. Gwen is the ultimate fashion icon. From her combat boot, midrift & dickies days to her amazing vintage outfits in this video – ugh, I want to be her!

  3. Jackie Mott Says:

    The more jealous/envious I am of others, the more it inspires me! Wish I knew of MORE blogs that were interesting/exotic/fresh/inspirational! I always think yours are-and usually share your pics, as well as talk about blogging.

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