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January 18, 2011

So I’ve still been writing a lot in my separate “writing blog,” where I’ve taken to sort of journaling regularly. Journaling, meaning writing about my feelings, whining about stress, talking about my successes and failures at keeping New Year’s resolutions, detailing the mundane facts of the day, like what I ate for breakfast. I just don’t feel like doing a lot of that here, in this space.

(Hey, but you do want to see this biscotti I made though, right?)


I had the link in a recent post but I took it down, though I’m happy to provide it to anyone who wants to read. I’m still deciding how much I want to say there, how much control I want over who reads it, that kind of thing. I mean, it’s boring. That’s really what it comes down to. Personal but boring.

In the meantime, and I hope it’s okay to post these, here are some photos from an Etsy shop I really like, Reduce Reuse Rewear by Coldfish. While I am constantly falling in love with single item like vintage dresses on Etsy, this vintage shop (as I think I’ve mentioned before) stands out to me because of its styling and I always come away a) loving the entire look, and b) feeling motivated to get more creative with my own wardrobe. Somehow it all seems very wearable; fun but without being limited to a certain style or era or being costumey.

I will say that I’m not buying anymore clothes until I focus on building my shoe collection a bit. I have a lot of items, both dressy and casual, that could benefit from a more complementary shoe, so that’s my fashion challenge these days. (Edited to add: Lies. All lies. I just bought an Anthropologie dress but it was both on sale and I had a gift card going toward the cost, so I felt at least somewhat justified.)

Anyway, here’s a selection from the shop:

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

Etsy shop I love

2 Responses to “More Inspiration”

  1. william Says:

    hi Toni,
    love your posts.
    here’s another site you might enjoy. food + clothes = yum!

  2. Rose Says:

    Mmmmm, those look yummy! In reply to your question, I finally tried out Shiseido’s sunscreen last year, and I don’t think I’ll be able to give it up! At least not in the summer. Of all the mainstream sunscreens, though, I think it is one of the least troubling, since the main sunblock is zinc oxide, which is a non-harmful physical blocker. What I love about it is that it’s waterproof, doesn’t break me out, offers really high spf and broad spectrum protection, and actually kind of mattifies my skin. For everyday indoor winter purposes I am using Burt’s Bees radiance day lotion spf 15. Its lovely. I think the authors I mentioned have some good recommendations on their website, which I linked to in my post. Good luck!

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