NYC! (Photo Dump)

December 20, 2010

I’m back from my long weekend in New York and I really want to write down all the details of what I did and where I went so I don’t forget. But for now, here are some digital photos from the trip. I actually shot two rolls of film, including a bunch in the East Village, and I’m more excited about those–assuming they turn out alright.

The Wellington Hotel, where I stayed in a small but very warm and cozy room:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

View from the room:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

Walking around Midtown (?) Manhattan:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

Window displays:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

Getting gussied up to go see the Phantom of the Opera! I thought I would be too cold to wear a skirt or dress and didn’t pack one, but I changed my mind and bought this green one there for $20! It’s hard to see because of my hair but it does have one strap:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

A few random shots that don’t fit into my categories:

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010 (Hookah lounge)

NYC December 2010

And last but not least, food and drink:

NYC December 2010
Mmm, Fluffy’s Cafe and Bakery.

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010
Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had–combined with the worst service of all time.

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010
Omg vegetable ramen with mushrooms, spicy and so delicious.

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010
From Fluffy’s :)

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

NYC December 2010

Honestly, I was too shy to whip out my camera in many of the places I ate, including my favorite diner as well as at a fancy Italian restaurant Patrick’s uncle treated us to (we were able to meet up with him as well and one of my former classmates who goes to NYU now). So there was tons and tons more delicious food not pictured.

Okay, I think that commences my digital photo dump! I had a great trip and hopefully will have some film pictures posted next.

52 Responses to “NYC! (Photo Dump)”

  1. Mel Says:

    Really nice photos of the city.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. CrystalSpins Says:

    I recently visited friends in NY and I took photos of all the food I ate. And I had my friend take photos of me eating it all too! It was amazing! It looks like NY is really beautiful this time of year. Maybe I’ll have to schedule my next trip there during the holidays.


  3. Couldn’t make it to NYC this holiday, so your photos were met with happiness! Happy Holiday in the Big Apple!

  4. wanderingseniors Says:

    Beautiful photos! Nice tour of NYC. Thanks.

  5. runtobefit Says:

    I just got back from NYC in July…had a great time!! We also stayed at the Wellington. It was a great location!! It was funny how you could basically go to the bathroom, wash your hands and shower at the same time because the bathroom was so little. Plus, their beds weren’t the most comfortable…we cracked up all night the first night because every time one of us moved the bed made noise. But, we loved it there and would definitely stay there again. Know exactly how you felt about taking the camera out in restaurants. Thanks for allowing me to live my trip again through your pics!! Your room looked exactly like ours so it was nice to see again… :-)

  6. rtcrita Says:

    I loved looking at these images. Really like the colors and the mood. Now, you must make a book of your special trip and put it on your coffee table. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip!

  7. smcgamer Says:

    Wow… These pictures are amazing! Some day I hope to go to New York City.

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  9. great photos, they are all nice and i really love the food pics! thanks

  10. There’s nothing quite like NYC at Christmas. You’ve captured it beautifully.

  11. jamessnider Says:

    Wow…I love New York….which is not the usual thing you hear from Texas. Wish I were there! Thanks for the photos which made me super jealous!

  12. Lakia Gordon Says:

    You took some fab pics!

  13. srqpix Says:

    This was a really good post. I’m from Sarasota, FL and I really need to get out of town and see something different this post inspires me to do so. You looked very beautiful in your dress. I like people that enjoy dressing well for not so much money. Happy holidays to and yours and a happy new years to you.

  14. I love NYC at Christmas! Your photos look great. I posted some very similar the other day.. yours look WAY better! Thanks for sharing.


  15. Araceli Says:

    I love your dress! Can i ask where you got it from? I live in NYC :)

  16. You just got me in the Christmas spirit by posting these and letting me live vicariously … beautiful shots! Thanks so much. :)

  17. Babygirl Says:

    These shots are so beautiful. I love living in NYC during the holidays. There is so much to do around the holidays and you’ve captured some of that beautiful with your camera. Nice post

  18. eternallyemo Says:

    Great pics! NYC is a greta place to be aroudn the holidays. Hope you had a great time!

  19. gloriadelia Says:

    Your hotel room WAS small, but it did look cozy. Yummy food shots. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics. Gloris

  20. wow great pics! you gotta love NYC!

  21. Mamasan Says:

    Wow, they just do so much, so much better in NY. Your pics almost make me feel like I was there. And now, of course, I want to be.

  22. mia1984 Says:

    OMG, city night lights make me want to move to New York. Is that kimchi with your veggie ramen?

  23. Paul Graham Says:

    Your photos foster the need to visit NYC. I’ll definitely be looking into it next time I’m back in the States. Great job!

  24. enjoibeing Says:

    wow the pictures you put up were really fantastic. great colors and everything. what kind of camera do you use?

  25. I live here in the city and I love looking at what pictures others take of this great city!! Your pictures were fantastic!



    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  26. really cool pics. i guess you had a pretty happy holiday there:) Merry Christmas!

  27. Rachel Says:

    Awesome pictures! The trip looked really fun! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  28. portableking Says:

    great nyc picture. i love your collection.

  29. Nice pics lady..

    keep posting!

  30. dancingfreak Says:


    my jaw drop looking at these

    don’t be shy just enjoy!!! ;)

    i whip out my camera EVERYWHERE i goo!!! :P

  31. richannkur Says:

    Very nice photography and the dress on you both are looking very pretty.

  32. I am loving the whole post. I do that too — take shots of my BF eating and drinking LOL
    Looks like you had a great time

  33. tonizakhour Says:

    Beautiful photos! Hope you had a great time :D

  34. Lindsay Says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to go back to NYC after seeing these pics.

  35. ryoko861 Says:

    I was suppose to go with a friend to meet her brother at Rockefeller Center to see the tree and all, but it never panned out. I really wished it happened. But your pictures sort of scratched that itch! Thank you for sharing! I looks like you had blast! And your pictures were very colorful to say! A reflection on the type of person you are.

  36. lavietoni Says:

    Wow, thank you all for the kind comments! To answer any questions:

    Araceli – the dress was on sale at H&M
    Mia1984 – it is kimchi but it wasn’t mine, it was my boyfriend’s :)
    Enjoibeing – my digital camera is a Nikon D40

    Thanks again everyone.

  37. Tiffany Says:

    Fabulous photos! I would love to see The Phantom of the Opera.

  38. Tanvi Says:

    Looks like you had a good time. One can never get enough of NYC … You looked gorgeous in that stunning Green Dress!

  39. I really love these pictures, they are great. I really want to visit New York during Christmas…and i think I will do just that next year. Thanks.


  40. I love visiting NYC, but I’ve never been around the holidays. Great pictures!

  41. Loved looking at your photos of NYC. You made me realize — a years is too long to be away! From the looks of it you had a great trip. I can’t wait to see your next round of photos.

  42. JL Says:

    LOL “Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had–combined with the worst service of all time.” I know what you mean…

    New York looks amazing at this time of year!! I’d love to be there – as a photographer, it means 32GB worth of photos! Hahaha…

  43. Seafoam Says:

    Amazing photography.

  44. benganje Says:

    These photos of NYC are fantastic! Makes me want to leave Minneapolis and take a weekend tour of the city ASAP! Great work!

    Ben Ganje, Urban Realtor®/Dad
    The new way to search the market–period
    Live the Urban Life today

  45. Michael A. Rullo Says:

    I loved the photos, they bring back a lot of good memories of some time I spent in the city. Thank you so much!

  46. I so enjoyed my virtual trip to NYC through your photos. I especially loved the window displays which seem quite creative and not seen so much here in the Midwest. Glad you had fun. Happy 2011!

  47. P. Graham Says:

    Absolutely LOVELY Photos. You captures New York for the city it is: Fantastically Awesome :)

  48. M. Says:

    Beautiful shots. So Christmas-y! You have quite an eye!

  49. angiekao Says:

    Amazing photos girl! The green dress was definitely a good choice…how’d you like the Phantom of the Opera?!

    xX Angie

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