Pink Decisions

December 13, 2010

In January of this year, I saw Meghan McCain give a talk* at my school. And then that night, I went home and found a pink pair of platform pumps that looked like her Elizabeth & James version but cost quite a bit less (side note, in searching for a link to the Elizabeth & James pair I just discovered “Zappos Couture“–had no idea that existed, not that I’d ever shop there).

Everyone in the audience loved these shoes, which she wore with jeans. Compliments were shouted.

elizabeth & james

Apparently Lumiani made some similar ones at a fraction of the price..


But basically I could never walk in either of those. Instead, I found these on Amazon and have been looking at them ever since:

chinese laundry

I feel like since I’ve been wanting them for all of 2010 I’d be somewhat justified going for them, but on the other hand, they aren’t the most practical shoe and I really shouldn’t spend the dough.

Can’t decide.

Edit: The shopping urge has passed for now. All is well again. No pink shoes have been ordered, in fact, all the pink in this post is kind of hurting my eyes. I’d rather daydream about traveling to, say, Croatia.

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