White bean dip, bruschetta, and fudge pie

December 12, 2010

I mentioned that one of my upcoming goals was to clean out and organize my kitchen, as well as focus on preparing food in advance and waste less. (Actually my boyfriend and I have both been talking a lot about minimalism in various contexts, but more on that some other time.) It wasn’t until I was inspired by The Everyday Minimalist’s refrigerator that I got moving on this project! As of now, my cupboards are purged of old stuff, rearranged, and look beauteous, I’ve written down recipes and meal ideas based on what’s in the house (and looked through my neglected cookbooks to jot down future ideas), and I’ve ordered some glass food containers to start storing meals in. I had never thought of this until reading The Everyday Minimalist’s post but you can heat up and eat your meals straight from those glass containers, and I am all about minimizing dirty dishes.

Today, with one can of beans in the house, I decided to make a white bean dip (drawing from various recipes I’d seen and working with what I had–garlic & dried herbs), and then after reading online somewhere that it went well on bruschetta I decided to take that route, since I had tomatoes, bread, and cheese already. I also made my grandmother’s fudge pie last night, as I’d been hoping to do soon :) It’s not a pretty pie but it’s my all-time favorite, like, as a kid I requested it instead of birthday cake. Total comfort food. I do think I could fancy it up one day by making a homemade crust and using gourmet cocoa.

Ah, now this is a nice change from posting an outfit, I gotta say.

Making a bruschetta of sorts

White bean dip

White bean dip

White bean dip

Making a bruschetta of sorts

Making a bruschetta of sorts

Making a bruschetta of sorts

Grandcarol's fudge pie

Anyway, enough procrastinating. Time to grade more papers.

6 Responses to “White bean dip, bruschetta, and fudge pie”

  1. Babygirl Says:

    I Love the pictures in this post.. the fudge pie looks great as well

  2. Gosh that looks yummy. Care to post the recipe? :)

    Thanks a lot for linking to my blog and my post! I’m glad I inspired you.

    I’d only suggest not microwaving with the plastic cover on, but with a paper towel as a cover or something else. The microwaved plastic could emit some bad chemicals when microwaved.

    I also like that they stack so nicely, and are pre-made. I hate cooking each night :)

    Planning on making sugar cookies this week. With lemon zest.

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Thank you both! Which recipe are you interested in (bean dip/bruschetta/fudge pie)? I winged the first two a bit but I’m happy to share as best I can!

    I did some reading on the glass containers and I definitely won’t microwave the lids. Also lemon zest = heaven. Actually one of the bean dip recipes I was looking at called for it but I just ran out of lemons.

  4. mmmm this post made my mouth water. YUM!

  5. Ana Says:

    Everything looks scrumptious!

  6. lavietoni Says:

    It was :) I eat best when I’m procrastinating!

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