To Do

December 8, 2010

To do:

Finish GF paper, submit online and hard copy
Finish LIT project, submit online

Format meeting notes and create “research round up”, return P.’s email, set time to talk
Meeting with L. Friday Prepare for first day, bring necessary documents
Create attendance document and grade all papers; drop off on campus
Return A.’s message
Pay USF fee and other bills
Send V. bday/Xmas present
Make Blurb book
Apply for bookmarked jobs
Figure out if/how going home this weekend

Starting next week
Send Xmas cards to S. and G.A. at least
Submit passport app
Sign up for driving classes
Finalize spring schedule
Finalize NY plans
Sell stuff been meaning to sell for months

I will post the outfits I’ve been wearing but not until I wrap up the worst of the week.


I went on a big Marilyn Monroe photo bookmarking kick the other day. I don’t care if it’s cliche.

Also added several links the the travel category of my blogroll. I may or may not be considering running away to the other side of the world.

One Response to “To Do”

  1. haha thats so funny! when I have exams I also plan trips and holidays. when i was in year 12 it was working in the ski fields in canada, the next exam period I planned a trip around Australia, another one was to volunteer in Thailand… and the new one is to go to Costa Rica and volunteer there as well:P
    Busy Busy!

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