30 for 30: Catching Up and Working From Home

December 6, 2010

I’m pretty sure my counting has been off by a day and I was even further behind than I thought. Even though it seems to be taking forever, I’m only now on day 20 of 30 for 30. I feel so far behind most others, but when it comes down to it, it’s only by about a week. And I’m 2/3 done! Anyway, to keep myself motivated, here’s a collage of days 11-20 with some “winterized” editing courtesy of Piknik. I will probably regret the winterizing, but hey, gotta spice things up. (To get a feel for any “remixing” I’ve done, see the first ten days here.)

Picnik collage
Picnik collagePicnik collage

Looking at these, no patterns really jump out at me, beyond the fact that all my pants fit almost exactly the same. (I do have some flared jeans I bought right before 30 for 30 that I can’t wait to wear soon!). I have been thinking about how I define my style, or at least my taste, and I’ve decided on a combination of “classic,” in a kind of preppy Gwyneth Paltrow way, and “vintage,” mainly 1950s ultra-feminine vintage or vintage-inspired. I don’t necessarily exude these already, but those are what I like.

Today’s outfit:

Picnik collage

I really love these pieces together, and I’m not sure I would have worn them this way if it weren’t for the challenge. I’ve never even tucked in this tunic until today. I like the yellow knit hat with the black and gray in my shirt and blazer. And for once, my hair even air-dried decently. However, just as I was getting ready to head to the library, I decided I’d rather work from home. Maybe I’ll go tonight, but I’m not sure yet. Hence, the socks:


As I excited as I was to have wooden floors in this house (I was practically squealing while my landlord couldn’t stop talking about what bad shape they’re in, whatever) socks are a necessity. The floors are just too hard and cold to walk around on barefoot, especially in the winter. That’s fine with me. I love thick, fuzzy, socks and slippers. They’re actually one of my favorite small indulgences.

Time to churn out 15 pages of writing!

PS: I am so thrilled by all the smart, and in some cases feminist, fashion bloggers I have discovered. When I feel like I’m being really frivolous or get self-conscious about posting these outfit photos, I turn to them to ease these worries and remind myself of why I’m interested in and enjoy fashion (even if that means critiquing it too). I am way, way too lazy to take on the critical analysis (in writing for this blog) that many others do, but let it be known that I love reading and thinking about this stuff and I have a long way to go before I achieve my desired relationship with fashion. I still need to reach a better understanding of my feelings toward beauty, gender, femininity, consumerism, and more. Narrowly Tailored, Good Morning Midnight, and Scholar Style Guide are three blogs I’ve recently discovered and think are great, and though I’ve mentioned Academichic a zillion times, I love this post from E. (here’s an excerpt):

I’ll always be grateful to Stacey and Clinton [of What Not to Wear] for introducing me to the pointy toe shoe and the belted waist, but I think that our philosophies of dressing have diverged at this point. While the fearsome duo are wholeheartedly committed to the notion of dressing to create as long and slim of an hourglass figure as possible, I’ve been increasingly questioning that standard as my motivating priority. I’ve been wondering what happens when I cut off my leg line or wear two boxy and slouchy pieces simultaneously or just dress to match a mood. I’m certainly not abandoning that culturally constructed aesthetic altogether, but I am more willing to explore other rubrics by which to get dressed and to allow a playfulness with shape, texture, color, or proportion be an end rather than a means.

See the full post here.

7 Responses to “30 for 30: Catching Up and Working From Home”

  1. Thanks for the linkage! I am LOVING your 30 for 30 looks! What great pieces, put together in ways that are classically chic but still fresh.

  2. I love your hair, air dried it looks how mine does after an hour of quality time with a curling iron! Props to you for getting all cute even though you are working at home. Step out for coffee or something. You’re outfit is just too cute not to be seen! The yellow hat is such a fun touch!

    You point about about feeling self-conscious about thinking and blogging about fashion rings so true for me. I love clothes and I really enjoy my blog but there really are days where I wonder if what we all do is vain and silly. Thanks so much for sharing links to some ladies who put it in perspective!

  3. Christine Says:

    I’m loving your looks and your adorable little sock slippers!! So cute :)


  4. Angeline Says:

    I think you look great! I love your use of color throughout the 30.

  5. Thanks for the link! I’m glad to have found your blog. You are adorable and your clothes are to die for. Looking forward to do some more back reading when I finish my school responsibilities for the semester!

  6. The Debonair Extraordinaire Says:

    Hi, fellow remixer, Im one of the few guys in the challenge.. Im slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers’ blogs. I’ve come across a lot, but you most definitely have style. Best of luck with the remaining challenge… xo


  7. Cara-Mia Says:

    Nice roundup. Today’s look is great, I also love how the yellow hat looks with it all.

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