30 for 30 and Breaking the Rules

December 5, 2010

30 for 30

I am super smiley in these pictures because Patrick was making me laugh (30 for 30 is slowly creeping to an end and it seems like he’s starting to have a little fun taking the pictures…). But don’t let my grin fool you. It is a rough, rough time of the semester, and I was on my way out the door to the library. Where I planned to work diligently for 8 hours but left after about 5 because I couldn’t stop thinking about tonight’s dinner: spaghetti with vodka sauce, garlic bread, and salad. Nothing fancy–sauce from a jar, frozen bread. But delicious. We planned to make the meal last night and kind of forgot so I insisted on it for tonight. Then I stupidly went to work on my final papers running on Cocoa Puffs, the breakfast of champions.

30 for 30

Breaking all kinds of rules today. My dad’s no black and brown rule. Same jeans two days in a row. Insanity.

After seeing so many other people go through 30 for 30, I’ve realize that most of them actually planned outfits. Smart move. I sure didn’t. I have been starting to envision outfits with many of the other clothes in my closet though…the ones I can’t touch for another 11 days or so. I am realllly behind on this challenge. But I do think it’s been beneficial, even just given the excitement I feel over wearing stuff I already own in new ways.

30 for 30

A few blurry pictures of my neighborhood, decked out for Christmas as of yesterday. There was hot chocolate, carolers, and horse-drawn carriages last night! Just like last year.

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

Duckpond at Christmas 2010

5 Responses to “30 for 30 and Breaking the Rules”

  1. I REALLY love this look. It’s so simple, effortless and something I’d wear everyday (oh wait I kinda do) :P

  2. Melissa Says:

    Sooo, if you were to accidentally drop those boots off at my front door so I could have them, I wouldn’t be upset with you.

    They’re amazing. And you look great :)


  3. patty Says:

    I planned all 30 days, though i did end up revising or shuffling outfits around but i’m glad i did. yes, it made it less spontaneous but it also made me less crazy. i didn’t want to go nuts in the morning so the list kept me sane and it made sure i used every item and spaced them around too.

    you look great with your top and your boots. and i love your earrings!

  4. kelsey Says:

    how cute are you??? i know, i know, super adorable! :)

  5. Marie Says:

    Rules are suppose to be broken and you look cool breaking them. Your christmas pictures make me miss home. I can’t wait until Christmas gets here!!

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