30 for 30, Almost Makeup-Free, and MoMA

December 4, 2010

30 for 30, red scarf

As the title of this post says, I went almost completely makeup-free today. The skincare regimen I’ve been on has been working quite well and sometimes I like to give my face a break. On any given day, I typically wear concealer, blush, mascara, eyebrow shadow (?), and something on my lips. Often, I also use foundation, loose or pressed powder, eyeliner, and/or eyeshadow. So on weekends, sometimes I won’t put any makeup on if I’m not going out, and if I do, the only two essentials for me (meaning I’d be very embarrassed to be seen without them) are concealer and blush–which I’m wearing today. If I were picking a third “essential” makeup item it would be mascara, but it’s not a huge deal for me to go without that. I just look a little sleepier.

30 for 30, red scarf

My thoughts on today’s outfit:

I’ve noticed that I tend to use red a lot in this challenge (a red cardigan, a heavier red sweater, a red coat, red shoes, this red scarf, red lipstick, red nails…) often pairing it with black and white, gray and white, or other neutral combos. I’m not sure why I gravitate toward red. I don’t think I’ve ever considered it to be particularly flattering (or unflattering), I guess I just like it in general. Although as I write this, I remember an old family friend and I recently discussing my stylish late grandmother after I put up some old photos on Facebook.


A: Your grandmother! I loved this women. Being in that back room of her apartment always felt like a new york day dream. You definitely share in her impeccable design taste!
Me: That makes me so happy! Of course so few people I know now met her, so I love that you remember that. Thank you ♥
A: girrrrl that zebra print with white,red, and black furniture accents… who could forget :)

That conversation really did make me so happy. Anyway, point of the story is, white, red, and black is my blood. I think I even decorated my room in that color scheme when I was in about sixth grade, using a lot of decor from my grandmother.

30 for 30, red scarf

This is the perfect, unplanned segue into the other thing I wanted to talk about today. MoMA. The fantastic items for sale on the Museum of Modern Art website. I am swooning over this stuff, much of it priced pretty affordably (alright, that’s relative since I can’t afford much of anything right now…but a lot of it isn’t crazy expensive), and many of these pieces remind me of my grandmother’s style as well. Note that MoMA members get lower prices than what I’ve listed too.

This book cover looks like some framed art prints my grandmother had up in her apartment. Most likely they were actually pages from magazines. She was good like that.

MOMA wish list
One Hundred Years of Fashion Illustration, $40

This list isn’t all grandmother-inspired, though. Just stuff I love. Like, say, this red scarf that is actually not affordable at all but is, I think, stunningly beautiful. Lord knows I’d wear it constantly (see my love of red accessories, above).

MOMA wish list
Sculptural Flower Scarf, $145

MOMA wish list
Ultra-flat Multicolor Wall Clock, $40

MOMA wish list
Conceal bookshelf, $15
This would be so perfect near my bed.

So would this:

MOMA wish list
MUJI Steel Pipe Side Table, $88

MOMA wish list MOMA wish list
Herman Miller Summer Picnic Framed Prints, $110 (limited availability) and giclée reproduction of the 1951 work Gesund Und Gut Mit Butter, starting at $25
Because I love food + art. And I am indeed a Butterton.

MOMA wish list
Set of 4 Govino Wine Glasses (actually made out of plastic), $12
These might actually be a Christmas gift to Patrick. Shh.

MOMA wish list
Elevate Utensil Set, $40

MOMA wish list
New York Coffee Cup (ceramic), $14

MOMA wish list
Box Appetit Lunch Container, $22
Would be perfect for the Krishna lunch I eat 3-4 times a week (and you get a discount when you bring your own food container instead of using one of their biodegradable plates).

MOMA wish list
Sky Umbrella, Collapsible, $35

My list was even longer but I’m going to stop now with possibly my favorite-ist item of all:

MOMA wish list
Max Fan Heater, $99
Because I am obsessed with space heaters and tend to anthropomorphise them, and this is f’ing adorable.

4 Responses to “30 for 30, Almost Makeup-Free, and MoMA”

  1. You look pretty makeup free! :-)

    I totally understand about being influenced by your grandmother’s sense of style. For me, it’s especially apparent in my jewelry selection because she and I used to go through her jewelry boxes together.

    Cute outfit–black, white and red is such an awesome classic combo!

  2. patty Says:

    GIRL> i love red as well but never know how to mute it or make it less REEEEEDDDDDD but you wear it so well as accents with the tan and black and white. just pretty. you look great!

  3. You look as pretty as always!
    Your grandmother seems like a cool lady! That is such a great picture! It captures how close you seem to be with her and her design sense all in one!

    Red and black work really well for you! Would you believe it is s combination I stay away from? But you totally rock it!

  4. […] I will definitely give a shot. And that’s about it, other than makeup, which changes daily. I’ve discussed makeup before here. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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