30 for 30 and Otherwise

December 3, 2010

What I’m wearing:

30 for 30

30 for 30

Clearly given up on brushing, let alone blow drying, my hair as I had been in the early days of 30 for 30…

Photos from my walk:

December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

Videos that convey my current need for drama and glamor and costumes. Preferably in the form of a ball.

Whenever I watch Gossip Girl I immediately think of avocados. I was on a guac kick when I watched Season 1 and I’ve never seen the show since.

3 Responses to “30 for 30 and Otherwise”

  1. patty Says:

    girl i dont know why i’m still awtching GG but i am haha.
    i love the printed top and how you look oh so very sleek and slim with it. love the scarf around the neck too!

  2. Jodi Says:

    I LOVE your blog.. wow, you are gorgeous, great outfits.. and I love love love your eye for photography.. and then there is your home.. holy cow.. when can I come to visit!! ?? so beautiful!!

    I dont see where to subscribe to your blog though? I want to subscribe via google reader…

    anyway I am also doing the 30 mix and really started my blog to learn photography.. your stuff is a total inspiration and I will for sure be reading eagerly to learn more!!

    cheers, Jodi

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Thank you!

    Patty – I am totally going to catch up on GG some day, I just need the time :)

    Jodi – I will have to look into making Google Reader an option, I have no clue about anything like that but I will get caught up soon. Thanks again so much!

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