Linky linky

December 1, 2010

Links I’m excited about:

Another closet visit from Jeana Sohn. SO AMAZING. I look at these and then get very depressed about my, say, Old Navy clothes. But man, just beautiful stuff. Beautiful people. Beautiful homes. Beautiful hair.

The New Professional’s tips for keeping up with online reading. I need to read through this. I am not on the ball with Google Reader or anything like it. Hence, the extensive blogroll to the right.

Those Roving Eyes, the entire blog, but especially the recent posts about Fiona Apple and the design tips (and PHOTOS, omg) in the post “texture, colour, contrast.”

M Loves M. Definitely a new favorite, even if I have to swallow some envy while reading it…

The Vermont Country Store. I’d browsed this shop before, and I’m still falling for it just as hard. Check out the classic children’s toys (the potholder loom kit! the paint by numbers set! the boardgames!), the “brands from the past,” the sleepwear, the home goods. It’s so cozy I could die.

Good running form, according to New Balance. Since I’m trying to get motivated to start.

Rembrandt Fresh Mint Whitening Mouthwash, because it got the best reviews on Yahoo.

Four dresses and a coat on Etsy. I can’t stop looking at the “vintage 1950s DULCE DE LECHE cocktail dress.”

Happy December.

4 Responses to “Linky linky”

  1. Angeline Says:

    woohoo! Thanks for including me in your links!

  2. Mallory Says:

    I love the candy section on the Vermont Country Store. When I’m a normal employed person (/not grad student) I’m totally going on a candy shopping spree.

  3. Thank you!
    So glad you enjoy.

  4. lavietoni Says:

    No, thank you :)

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