30 for 30, Day 16. Or: Beauty is Pain, Excruciating Pain. Or: These Boots Ain’t Made For Walkin’.

December 1, 2010

Ah, sweet naivete. Look at my content face in these pictures. Not a clue as to what I was in for.

30 for 30: Day 16, Skirt remixed

I’m not the most graceful person in heels but these boots have three inch stacked ones, not exactly super tall stilettos. Little did I know (well, actually I just forgot) that on top of holding office hours, meeting with my adviser, and TAing–we’ll pretend that’s a verb–I also needed to pick up student evaluations from three separate buildings on campus. And then return them. I also have a pretty long walk to and from the bus stop. By the end of the day I was taking pitiful baby steps, trying to shift my weight off the balls of my feet, and doing my best to suppress the grimaces that were undoubtedly scaring people out of my path. I am so never making that mistake again. Give me flats, or give me death. Because heels + extensive walking will kill me.

I tried to channel this video but found it impossible to relax my hips and knees without having wobbly ankles. I wonder if anyone around me noticed as I attempted various methods of, you know, walking. I tried to glide, I really tried.

Other details about today’s outfit? Apparently the office manager in my department not only has the same skirt, but she got it at a consignment store like I did. And the jacket is thrifted as well. Glad I finally got to wear it. The temperature was very mild when I left the house today so I put away the scarf I’d intended to wear, not wanting to be ridiculously over-dressed for the weather (not that it would be the first time). But by this evening when I was waiting for the bus for what felt like eons, after just missing it as usual, I was pretty chilly and will definitely plan accordingly tomorrow.

30 for 30: Day 16, Skirt remixed

PS I am currently listening to the first Christmas music of the year.

6 Responses to “30 for 30, Day 16. Or: Beauty is Pain, Excruciating Pain. Or: These Boots Ain’t Made For Walkin’.”

  1. I’m so sorry about the shoes! This is a great look on you, though — what a neat skirt, and it looks so pulled together with this blazer.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve commented so that I know about your blog now!

  3. meredith Says:

    oh.my.gosh. you’re so pretty! like for reals. AND you have great style. winning combination? i think so:)

  4. lavietoni Says:

    Why thank you! :)

  5. patty Says:

    i am so bad with heels so part of the challenge in this remix was to put three high shoes versus two flats. it’s been a learning experience for sure.

    i love love love the skirt and the blazer. you look so clean and profeshhhhh. love it!

  6. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks! Ugh. Heels. They’re fine if I’m going somewhere in a car and then, like, sitting down to dinner…but all that walking? No way.

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