Wish List: In Which I Avoid Wishing For Clothes

November 30, 2010

Holiday wish lists are making the rounds. Here is mine, except these aren’t so much gift ideas as they are things I’d like to get myself. I mean, unless someone wanted to give them as gifts…

The Stuff-I-Might-Actually-Buy Wish List.

Wish List

Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens. Because I’ve been using the same kit lens since October 2008. Like, daily.

Wish List

I am dying to shoot some film.

Wish List

iPod Touch. Is this photo of a Touch or an iPhone? I’m not 100% sure. But oh how I want one.

Wish List

Running shoes (don’t count as clothes). New Balance because that’s what I remember everyone wore on my cross-country team in 9th grade. The last time I ran regularly. A decade ago.

Wish List

Phantom of the Opera tickets for my trip to New York.

Wish List

This leaf headband (and other knit items from YesJess). At ten bucks, maybe I’ll actually spring for one. So cute.

The Ain’t-Gonna-Happen-Anytime-Soon-But-Aren’t-These-Cute Wish List

Wish List

A commissioned portrait of my dog by Sharon Lamb.

Actually I think I’ll stop this wish list here because I’m entering dangerous territory. Besides, I’m totally having a pet portrait of Herman done someday so this doesn’t belong entirely in the realm of fantasy.

Thanks for wasting time with me! Test in six hours, better go study!

4 Responses to “Wish List: In Which I Avoid Wishing For Clothes”

  1. Photo is of an old iPod Touch. The new ones are slimmer and very cool (I bought one and I love it).

    What do you plan on using the Touch for?

  2. lavietoni Says:

    I need a better photo then! I can’t have some old clunky iPod Touch on here :)

    I want one to replace my now defunct iPod for music and video, plus to take advantage of the wifi capabilities and camera/video.

  3. Angeline Says:

    Love that headband! So cute.

  4. lavietoni Says:

    I know! I really want it :)

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