30 for 30: Day 14

November 29, 2010

30 for 30: Day 14

I’d been holding out on this dress, not wanting to wear every item of clothing right at the beginning of 30 for 30. Now, just about halfway through, today was the day. I got this vintage dress on Etsy but had only worn it once–for Halloween last year. Yes, I am that much of a wimp that I could only bring myself to wear it as a costume. I included it in my 30 to get over this timidity. The blue belt, also vintage (I think it came with another dress) has barely gotten any airtime either, so I was happy to remember it this morning. Like I said at the beginning of this challenge, I don’t have a comfortable pair of close-toed pumps but I will definitely be looking for some after 30 for 30 is over. They would have gone well with a lot of these outfits, though I’d still probably be hesitant to wear them around campus much.

30 for 30: Day 14

These pictures were taken right after I took hot rollers out of my hair, so trust me when I say within 15 minutes the curls had turned into subtle waves.

30 for 30: Day 14

It’s day one of the final two weeks of the semester, aka Hell Weeks. I’m spending the rest of the day studying for tomorrow’s test, and after that it’s one thing at a time: Presentations, final papers, TA responsibilities, insanity. I am trying to stay calm but I’m sure the panic will set in soon.

PS: I’ve been bad about responding to comments but I will be much better about that as soon as possible! Thanks to everyone who’s been giving such great feedback.

10 Responses to “30 for 30: Day 14”

  1. Ana Says:

    Gorgeous dress! I have the same problems when curling my hair.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks! And honestly, I usually want the curl to fall out a little when I use hot rollers. I’m not a huge fan of how my hair looks right away. Not that I enjoy when it falls completely flat or just turns into a ball of frizz. Like today. Since it’s about to rain.

  3. loooooove the dress! so many fun things you could do to remix it, i think.

  4. Linley Says:

    this vintage dress looks great on you! it’s so pretty! also, i totally understand the insanity this time of the semester – I was right there with you last year this time! you’ll push through! good luck with everything!

  5. I love the dress! It fits you really well. I’m the same way that I don’t often find the courage to wear the vintage pieces that I do have.
    I’m also jealous of how good of light you have in your room! Taking pictures outside is getting cold!

  6. patty Says:

    i wish i could curl my hair. they just dont stick with my hair. you though, look fabulous!
    i was holding out on some pieces too till i realized i should have worn as much up front so by the time i remix them, they’d been forgotten haha! love the dress. it’s realy pretty.

    good luck with finals!

  7. Angeline Says:

    That dress is beautiful! What a great find.

  8. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Chai am woman: You got any ideas?? Cause I sure don’t!

    Patty: Good point. Of course I didn’t think of that.

    Betsy/Miss B: Yeah, I do have pretty good light but I have noticed it’s getting worse and worse each day, and I do brighten it up in Lightroom. I like doing my pictures outside but the lady who lives upstairs ALWAYS comes outside right as we’re taking them and I find it really annoying.

  9. Melissa Says:

    You’re crazy for not wearing this dress more.. it’s stunning on you! It would also look perfect with your red cardigan… soooo many ways to wear it! Love it!


  10. I love your dress! I’ve saved items for my 30 for 30 too– I don’t want to overwear anything!

    You’re lucky your hair settles into pretty waves– my hair falls completely flat!

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