November 19, 2010

Yikes. I am feeling lazy today. So lazy my “outfit” so far consists of my boyfriend’s fleece sweatshirt on top, and a plaid wool blanket wrapped around my waist. [To be honest, it’s a rug, according to the tag. I got it in Scotland, made of recycled wool. But it looks more like a blanket. A slightly scratchy blanket.] So lazy I haven’t gone to the day of sessions on international jobs with NGOs I had planned to attend on campus. Maybe I’ll still make the afternoon events. I think it’s just that time in the semester where the work is getting serious, the energy is running low, and additional optional activities don’t always make the cut. Also, the house is cold and I’m just feeling, yes, very, very lazy. I watched most of Two Girls and a Sailor this morning. Now I’m planning to spend 30 minutes doing a quick pick-up around the house, shower, and hopefully head to school.

A List Of Things To Buy/Pay For That Are Not Clothes Or Usual Bills

  • Computer speakers. Asap.
  • Christmas presents for family.
  • Passport application.
  • Fees to former school.
  • In my dreams: iPod Touch and camera lens.
  • Blurb book.
  • Running shoes.
  • Skincare stuff (a bunch of bottles leaked in my recent travels; very annoying).
  • Driver’s ed classes.
  • A few makeup items for the holidays. Maybe some fancy lipstick or eyeshadow or something.
  • Ideally, a blow dryer, since I currently use a travel-sized one.
  • Ingredients for Thanksgiving cooking.
  • Momo.

Now, completely not in the spirit of a shopping ban–but in the spirit of discovering and articulating what I like–a collection of green vintage dresses, courtesy of my Etsy favorites.

From left to right:
Top row
1. Fab Gabs. I bought this dress. I have not worn it. I will probably wear it on or around my birthday, during the Christmas holidays, and/or when I’m in New York. I am trying to convince myself it’s not a tiny bit too small.
2. Thirteen Bees Vintage.
3. Timeless Vixen Vintage. One day. One day I will own one of their dresses.
Middle row
4. Timeless Vixen Vintage.
5. Timeless Vixen Vintage. Yes, it only has a hint of green, but it is perfection. If I were getting married today, I would wear this dress.
6. Timeless Vixen Vintage. Well this is embarrasing. Are you noticing a pattern here? I swear they are not paying me. But if they wanted to…in dresses…well, I wouldn’t say no.
Bottom row
7. Planet Claire Vintage.
8. Vintage Frocks of Fancy.
9. Timeless Vixen Vintage.

Etsy is so wonderful. Shopping vintage is wonderful. Shopping thrift stores, with some luck, is the best. Better than shopping at places like Modcloth, even, wonderful as that shop is. I like wearing things that require a bit of a hunt, that are (somewhat) one-of-a-kind, and that are second-hand (though I know Modcloth sells some vintage items too).

Numbers 2, 5, and 9 are all-time favorites. And so is number 4. And clearly I bought number 1. Okay, I love them all. So what else do I love besides green? Shift dresses. Wiggle dresses. Sheath dresses. Do these all mean the same thing? Probably my absolute favorite piece of clothing I own is this vintage homemade dress, though it’s currently not in good condition:

Blue vintage dress - large file

Blue dress

I’d love to have it recreated in several colors. I’m glad I’ve realized this. It’s a start.

ETA: Thanks a lot to The Everyday Minimalist for taking the steam out of my shop talk :b

No seriously, thank you!

7 Responses to “Favorites”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I love your classic style! And I’m jealous that you have that vintage green dress, it’s so pretty and would be an AWESOME piece for the holidays. You better be giving that beauty a night out on the town!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. What a gorgeous dress! I love the color on you.

  3. You’re welcome :)

    Emerald Green = Looks awesome on anyone

    That dress is stunning on you too! It fits perfectly.

  4. Marie Says:

    Very nice dress, I like that this look has an old school vibe to it. Classic Remix!! :)

  5. lavietoni Says:

    That’s not me in the picture of the green dress :b That’s the model used by the Etsy seller. I hope it looks as good on me but it’s a bit tight. Maybe I’ll see how it looks in pictures before deciding if I should keep or sell it.

  6. Angeline Says:

    I love the dress you have! Fits you really well. A perfectly-fitting dress is a gem.

  7. […] Ugh. Luckily, just yesterday I saw a clothing repair shop so I may bring it there, along with my favorite blue vintage dress that desperately needs some […]

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