Day 4: 30 for 30

November 16, 2010

Gray sweatshirt

I lied. You really cannot see my new mysteriously-alluded-to hair accessory without some closer shots (or you could view today’s photos in their original size on Flickr, but I won’t say I recommend it…). Well, it’s feathers. I, along with many of the staff, interns, and volunteers who worked at last week’s conference, got feathers crimped into our hair by the Feather Lady (as we came to call her) we’d had our eyes on all weekend. I have them in two spots: One more visible and toward the front of my hair on my right, the other behind my left ear. It’s pretty subtle with all my hair, but I couldn’t believe it when the Executive Director and Deputy Director of the academic association, both of whom have pretty short hair, did it too. It was a fun bonding experience.

Gray sweatshirt

Today’s casual outfit is perfect for the gray, rainy weather.

I am about to head to school and almost undoubtedly will get rained on. But my sweatshirt is cozy and I’m ready with my black and white umbrella. It’s not an exciting outfit, but I’m glad to be moving on from yesterday’s, which I wasn’t thrilled with. I increasingly feel like I looked like a warrior an 80s-ballerina-warrior.

Also, I’m trying to spread out my casual outfits with dressier ones, but I look forward to wearing a dress again soon.

Gray sweatshirt

My accessories include a thrifted black and silver necklace and a silver and turquoise ring. Turquoise is my birthstone and I absolutely love it, though I can’t remember where the ring is from.

4 Responses to “Day 4: 30 for 30”

  1. Eli Says:

    feathers crimped into your hair? this sounds awesome! I can kind of see it, but I think thats the nice part, that it blends in so well and no one would think twice about it

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Yeah! If you click this link, you can see what they look like in general:

    It’s pretty cool :)

  3. patty Says:

    i feel you on spreading out dressier/casual outfits. i’m scared cause i don’ thtink i factored that in. so now i’m still looking decent, by the time the 20th day rolls around, i’ll be in sweats haha.

    your legs look gorgeous with those boots (and i’m sure with other things as well) but i love the boots. and your hair is really pretty!!!

  4. lavietoni Says:

    Thank you! Heh, yeah, I keep thinking there will be days when I need to dress up so I better leave some tricks up my sleeve for when that happens.

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