Back from Denver! 3/30

November 15, 2010

Ahh, back in sunny Florida after spending Weds-Sun in Denver working and presenting at a national conference (which I decided not to include in my 30 for 30).


I’m uncomfortable having my hair pulled back, especially in pictures. It’s not a length thing, I just like to have pieces framing my face. I’ve never even had an updo for a fancy event (like dances back in high school). But this was the fastest, easiest option this busy morning. Oh well. Tomorrow it will be down, with a surprise accessory. Yes, a surprise hair accessory. I know you’re on the edge of your seat.


I was a little bummed to take a break from the challenge only 2 days into it, so I’m feeling very positive about getting back into the groove. Hey, as of today I’m 10% done ;)

So my missing clothing item #30 is included in today’s outfit: My new Franco Sarto boots arrived!

I was so excited I took a picture at the hotel in Denver:


I love them. I’ve been wearing them almost every day since. Since the other two pairs of boots I own have 3-inch (ish) heels, I’m not inclined to wear them often, especially to campus. These, on the other hand, are made for walking.

Unfortunately that’s about all I got a picture of in Colorado. (Besides a couple of the hotel room. I mean, it was very nice and all, but the Rocky Mountains it aint..)


I’m a bit disappointed about this lack of photo documentation from my trip (and my general lack of leaving the hotel where the conference was held), but this was indeed a business trip. My first, I suppose. When I was younger, I didn’t get it. Ooh, Dad gets to fly to another city, fun! Ehh: Wrong. This was definitely work, starting at the crack of dawn. Great experience, but work.

Anyway. I realized today’s tunic was somewhat transparent and paired it with a slip and leggings, but I now realize I didn’t do much about my, er, top half. I’ll keep that in mind next time!

I am already excited about what I’m wearing tomorrow. It’s casual. I almost wore it today. It reminds me of Kendi’s oufit. I suppose I could change my mind and wait until another today to wear it, we’ll see how the mood strikes. I can’t wait to catch up on other people’s outfits!


Leggings: Mossimo/Target
Belt and headband: F21

4 Responses to “Back from Denver! 3/30”

  1. Cara-Mia Says:

    Those boots are gorgeous!!
    Glad you’re back & ready to continue with the challenge. :)

  2. love the boots! glad you worked hard at your conference. now you can feel good about being back and remixing :)

  3. Katey Says:

    glad to hear Denver treated you well! it is the good life, look forward to more of your remixes.

  4. patty Says:

    i get why you feel uncomfy with your hair back but you look really cute! i love the belted top! :) i’m realizing belts are so fun for this remix. :) welcome back!

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