2am And I Have A Morning Hair Appointment

November 6, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity

  • Courses I wish I could take in the spring: The Golden Age of Children’s Literature (I really want this).  The University. Films of the 1950s. Vampire Cinema. Internet Literature.
  • It’s getting cold outside. I haven’t missed my broken iPod too much, but when it begins to get dark early and I’m waiting for the bus at night, music makes an otherwise unpleasant experience bearable, pleasant, sometimes even cinematic.
  • Since I plan on signing up for driver’s ed in the spring, I’ve decided I want to write about the process, document it. 25 year old feminist, graduating with a Master’s degree, overcomes phobia, learns how to drive, gets new lease on life, has some laughs and sheds some tears along the way. That’s how I expect (hope?) it will go.
  • My sister should find out soon if she’s been accepted to my school. Crossing my fingers that she’ll be living in the same town as me by January. Wishing she and I could do this. It’s exactly the kind of life I daydream about when I imagine a different path for myself. I have no idea if it actually appeals to my sister.
  • I’ve been invited to the skip Teach for America phone interview (round two of the application process) and proceed to round three, the in-person interview.
  • Dying to bake this weekend. A cake. Something I don’t have much experience doing.
  • Feeling some buyers’ remorse and sick of all things clothing right now.
  • Really I’d be feeling great if I weren’t so frightened by the amount of work I have coming up in the next few days preparing for the conference.
  • Thanksgiving isn’t far off though. Followed by my birthday, which coincides with the end of the semester, which means a trip to New York, and then Christmas. I love this time of year, mostly. Although I love summer more.
  • Suddenly wishing I had kept a better journal in Scotland. I even have a beautiful one for writing in. I’d like to write in it now, but I’m a typist. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.
  • Been amazed by so much inspiring content on the internet lately, but also getting a wee bit sick of it all. Liking the thought of giving it a rest.
  • Ah, finally getting sleepy.

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