For Me

November 4, 2010

I’d like a cute to-do list template for Word (I like to type my lists). Here is a free printable PDF. Somehow it seems like it would make these things more fun.

To Do Week of 11/02/10 (and Beyond):

NWSA/MA Project:

• IRB/interviews: Complete forms with lit review, talk to P. about conducting interviews, get Dr. E’s signature, drop off forms at IRB office; update: follow up talk with P., continue to read on interview methods, contact potential interviewees via email
• Create conference poster
• Plan for other details of conference (outfits, flight info, sessions I want to attend, book shuttle to and from airport)
• Finish talking with P. about details for working in exhibit booth and registration/girl stuff
• After conference, discuss next steps with Dr. E.
• Look at past Women’s Studies MA projects


Finish readings and do discussion postings
• Begin final project and Meridian
• Go to Dr. K.’s office hours


• Complete next week’s readings
• Begin final paper
• Print and keep track of readings for final exam


Complete readings
• One more research lecture week after next
• Send out class email with: Powerpoints, book and author, note about attendance, reminder I will be out of town, alternate office hour
• Create attendance document and keep up with check plus/check/check minus grades
• Grade final papers

Events & Outreach:

• Email classmates about arranging brownbag lunch to discuss future professional development workshops
• Contact PhD student who wants to speak
• Conduct student sign-ups for events
• Plan for final semester meetings

Other work/school related:

• Give F. thank you card and schedule meeting to discuss graduation/next semester
• Take care of holds: Return books, pay fees, and enroll in spring courses
• Send Women’s Studies email to UCF and USF
• NGO/PVO Day Nov. 19, all day; confirm registration, prepare for career information session (look into organizations beforehand)
Check TFA status Nov. 4; update: invited to in-person interview, start on all required steps
• PMF status should be formalized mid-Nov.
• Start seriously looking for jobs to begin applying in Jan. (tweak resume, create spreadsheet to manage all job info, maybe purchase business suit and pumps?)
• Look into money owed USF (library fines?)

Other non-work/school related:

• Request M.’s birth certificate and pursue passport
• Dentist and other doctors’ visits; make sure insurance issue is taken care of
• Call driving school about spring and, if schedule allows (or deposit is refundable), enroll; possibly look into clinic and behind-the-wheel program
• Maintain Herm’s diet
• Hair appt. Saturday
• Sell items on Craigslist and/or at neighborhood yard sale Sat; sell clothing on Ebay asap
• Deep clean around house
• P.’s family visiting in Dec.
• Plan for Thanksgiving, Christmas, bday in NY
• Budget; avoid shopping for clothes for the month
• Personal trainer sessions?
• Send thank you’s to S. and G.A.
• Make Blurb book
• Start planning on Christmas presents
• Pay bills

To buy:

• Business suit (and shoes?)
• Running shoes
• Storage for around house
• Shower liner
• Lamp, rug (maybe)

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