One by one

November 3, 2010

Where to begin? I’m going to a conference next week. No, make that, I’m working at a conference next week (as a paid intern), I’m presenting at a conference next week (as a grad student), and I’m conducting interviews at a conference next week (as a…Master’s project completer?). And there is so. much. left. to do to prepare.

What else? I was going to show off the Paris Vogue–or is it Vogue Paris?–I bought last month, the issue that’s so beautiful I’ve looked at it again and again, feeling like I did when I was a teenager and still excited about fashion magazines.

Paris Vogue

And there are my accompanying red nails, which I painted after reading a certain Paris-inspired post. Okay, I’m embarrassed to admit that.

Red nails

I’ve even made stabs at a few healthy meals lately, using farmers’ market veggies and dried beans.

Farmers market bounty

But mostly, when it comes to blogging, my mind is still stuck on 30 for 30.

This is in part because I had no idea that so many bloggers would be participating, including some of my favorites, which makes me a lot more excited about the challenge.

It is also because I have been semi-panicking about how many wardrobe “staples” I don’t have but suddenly feel like I desperately need (how will I survive November without a sweater dress?!). And because I am recognizing that I need to quash this fear, and really, I guess that’s what the challenge is all about.

It’s partially because I haven’t decided how or whether to incorporate next week’s academic conference into my 30 for 30. I’d rather not. From Wednesday through Sunday I’ll be expected to dress professionally and then I won’t do so again for the rest of the month. The weather will also be drastically different in Colorado than in Florida. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be impossible to remix some conferences pieces–a pencil skirt, collared shirts–into later outfits.

It’s because I’m ready to get started but doubtful about finishing.

As I write this, the washer and dryer are humming with laundry so that soon I can pick out my 30 pieces.

For inspiration, I’ve been looking ’round the web at ideas that seem plausible given items I already own. And by already own, I mean I have something sorta-kinda-barely-in-the-ballpark of what’s depicted in, say, an Anthropologie campaign.

Anthro Inspiration

I guess the last point I want to make is this recent epiphany, albeit, a small epiphany. I write it to remind myself: I do tend to obsess over what I wear, even though I ultimately go with boring, safe choices. But whether or not I’m wearing my favorite clothes or an old standby, I usually feel best on days when I’ve taken care of myself in other ways–typically when I’m not stressed and running out the door. When I am confident and relaxed about my work and other aspects of my life, I can rock jeans and a t-shirt.  When I procrastinate on school work and struggle to catch up on my reading all morning, barely even giving myself time to eat, I could put on my favorite dress and look (and feel) like crap all day. So I will try to remember this. It’s important to get my sleep. Floss my teeth. Do my homework early. Eat a healthy breakfast. Play with my dog. And all that good stuff.

And on that note, I’m going to bed.

Anthro Inspiration

Anthro Inspiration

Anthro Inspiration

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