Baked Peaches

October 18, 2010

In my excitement about Paynes Prairie yesterday, I forgot about these pictures I’d taken in the morning. I made baked peaches after reading Jane Lear’s blog. As a side note, I came across her blog via Ruth Reichl’s Twitter account, and if you have Twitter, I suggest checking hers out. She’s always writing things like:

Silver sky. Storm’s end. Baking bread perfumes the house with its warm, brown scent as apples, butter, Calvados melt into chunky sauce.

Lavender mountains wrapped in fluffy clouds. Steaming cups of lemon tea, piles of buttered toast, poached eggs on creamed spinach. Comfort.

Quince: the mysteriously tender crunch of abalone. Ethereal pillows of pasta. Cauliflower mousse. Chanterelles. Memorable white beans.

I mean, is that not Tweeting at its finest?

Baked peaches

Baked peaches

Baked peaches

Baked peaches

I liked the baked peaches, but I didn’t really have anything to pair them with. I would have liked to serve them with whipped cream, ice cream, oatmeal, something…

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