Paynes Prairie

October 17, 2010

What this weekend has lacked in productivity, it has made up for in life-affirming time outdoors. Screw school, work, and chores :)

Pictures from my afternoon walking La Chua Trail in Paynes Prairie.

Paynes Prairie-0252

Paynes Prairie-0270

Paynes Prairie-0273

Paynes Prairie-0277

Paynes Prairie-0313

Paynes Prairie-0312

Paynes Prairie-0316

Paynes Prairie-0282

Paynes Prairie-0319

Paynes Prairie-0346

Paynes Prairie-0343

Paynes Prairie-0349

Paynes Prairie-0360

Paynes Prairie-0362

Paynes Prairie-0363

Paynes Prairie-0367

Paynes Prairie-0371

Paynes Prairie-0377

Paynes Prairie-0381

Paynes Prairie-0387

Paynes Prairie-0389

Paynes Prairie-0396

Paynes Prairie-0398

Paynes Prairie-0414

Paynes Prairie-0264

Paynes Prairie-0416

Paynes Prairie-0422

Paynes Prairie-0434

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