The Hills Are Alive

October 16, 2010

How did I never notice it before? Apparently most of my friends have always known that October is an amazing month in Florida, and it’s completely true. I have to restrain myself from skipping through the hills up and down the streets of my neighborhood, arms outstretched, belting The Sound of Music. This is how summer should feel. Warm–not oppressively hot–and breezy. Balmy. I want to lounge by a pool, reading and sleeping in the sun. Sigh.

This morning I got my hair cut and walked home from the salon. Then Patrick and I walked to lunch. After that we took Herman on a long walk. And tonight we may walk to the homecoming football game. Any excuse to be outdoors.

Photos from our walk:

October 16

October 16

October 16

October 16

October 16

October 16

October 16

My hair cut (nothing dramatic, two inches off, some layers, and those sorta-kinda side-swept bangs are new), plus today’s somewhat experimental outfit:

October 16

I got this skirt at a thrift store years ago for something like $2 and I’ve never worn it. It took me a long time to feel comfortable being spotted in anything high-waisted (or really just at the waist). As a teenager I was obsessed with wearing the lowest-cut jeans, the kind of low that made my mother very unhappy. Yet I loved this comfortable skirt with its wrinkle-resistant fabric and elastic waistband. And today, no longer afraid to wear bottom pieces above my hips (and, cough, pubic bone), it’s getting some wear. It’s revolutionary. It’s also because I desperately need to do laundry and have few other options.

October 16

October 16

And, finally, my new skin regimen. Or perhaps I should say, my first ever skin regimen:

October 16

I don’t think I have ever once splurged on anything other than drug store cosmetics. I’ve never owned MAC, Clinique, Bumble and bumble, bareMinerals, Proactiv, whatever. I don’t even go for higher-end drug store items. But I once stumbled across a sale item in Walgreens, a jar of cream containing glycolic acid, and holy shit. That was by far the best my skin had ever looked, at least since hitting puberty. It was unreal. I got compliments on my glowy radiance. And then I never again found that cream in Walgreens (from my internet sleuthing, I have discovered that many other people are hunting for this Walgreens-brand miracle stuff as well). So I ordered a similar product from the inexpensive Alpha Hydrox brand online, which worked just as well when I managed to maintain a decent skin care routine, and now that it has run out I’m taking a chance on their entire recommended regimen, which gets great reviews, for my skin type. We’ll see how it goes.

Now I’m hoping to get my house relatively clean so that I can do my school work in peace tomorrow and for the rest of the week. The messy house has been a real downer lately.

2 Responses to “The Hills Are Alive”

  1. Lilly in the City Says:

    I like the skirt, the color suits you quite nice. And one day I will really really get myself to stoop cutting my hair and keep it as long as yours.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thank you! And I completely understand about cutting your hair. I really resisted doing anything major this time around because I was getting bored. Turns out, bangs and long layers were enough to get me out of my hair funk.

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