Keep Coming Back

October 13, 2010

I’m posting some pictures from the film Amelie (and it’s not the first time) because I’ve recently been thinking about how my decorating taste always comes back to that movie. I can see a million rooms I love on design blogs and in magazines, but they never feel as warm and homey as that movie set does. I think there’s a pretty clear influence of Amelie in my own bedroom, except instead of all the red accented with green, I’ve got the intense green with a little red. I’m dreaming about red now, though.

These are just pictures I gathered from ’round the internet.









Interior Design Inspiration


Interior Design Inspiration

Interior Design Inspiration

My room in its various incarnations:




Bedroom - New Bedding

Bedroom - New Bedding

Because I’ve been constantly stressed out this semester, I made a point to physically cross things off my to-do list today, realizing I’d actually kept up with every single thing I needed to get done so far this week. But whatever sense of accomplishment I felt was fleeting, mostly because I’m giving a huge presentation in class tomorrow, which I’ll be preparing for as soon as I finish this entry. I think after that’s over, I’ll feel good about the rest of the week and weekend. Still a lot to do, but with less urgency. And since Patrick and I will both be in town this weekend–the first time in practically a month–we’ll have time to do some non-school stuff. Friday we’re going out for Indian food, Saturday I’m finally getting my haircut, Sunday we’re going on a nature trail we’ve been meaning to explore. Plus we’ll probably watch some Dexter (we’re on season 4) and maybe catch a movie. A lot to look forward to, if I can just pull off this presentation.

One Response to “Keep Coming Back”

  1. Amelie is a fabulous movie… but I like your room the way it is with the green!

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