My Scottish Outfit

September 28, 2010

My Scottish outfit

Yes, more pictures of myself! And there may be others on the way, as I have been cleaning out my closet, trying to think of new ways to wear old clothes, and I’ve recently bought a few items online (a vintage dress and vintage heels from Etsy, a coat from Old Navy, and boots from Amazon). All very classic pieces that I don’t regret buying, unless they don’t work out “IRL.”

I may have a garage sale soon. There’s a whole rack of clothes in my living room right now alongside a bunch of shoes and a small amount of home decor-type stuff that I can’t wait to get out of the house. I already donated many items to the local hospice thrift store a few weeks ago, but much of what’s left is very good quality–including brand new pumps from Urban Outfitters I’ve never worn but somehow never returned when they didn’t fit. As far as clothing goes, I am chucking anything that isn’t flattering on me, no matter how good of condition it’s in. There are just things I subconsciously avoid because I know they don’t fit well or aren’t my style (or whatever), even though I barely admit it to myself. No longer.

The boots, tights, and necklace I wore today are all from my trip to Scotland.

My Scottish outfit
You can see what the curls from yesterday look like a day later.

Life is so crazy that I can’t possibly keep up with my to-do lists each day, but I’m feeling inspired by my work nonetheless and extra excited to be applying for a government fellowship and Teach for America in the next few weeks.

On an unrelated note, the food situation ’round the house has been really good this week: Patrick and I have been eating at home almost 100%, and eating well. That could have something to do with the fact that he returned from a visit to his family bearing a huge container of a hearty homemade soup, vegetarian empanadas, and cheese and olive oil from Croatia. But I also made the pesto pasta last me for three meals (I don’t mind repetition) and I baked muffins. I’ve also been making simple breakfasts and preparing things like hot chocolate at home instead of buying them on campus. So yeah. Feeling a bit proud of that.

Now to read five articles and do a discussion posting before I go to bed. And it’s 9:00 already :/

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