Scotland via DSLR

September 19, 2010

So I’ve posted most of the film pictures I took in Scotland, but I have not even begun to conquer the digital ones. I’ll try to post ones I really like as I slowly make my way through them.  I haven’t written about the trip, but it was stunningly beautiful and, frankly, I’d pack up and move there now if I could. Not sure I’d feel the same if I hadn’t had such wonderful weather though..

These are from early in the trip. By the end, I was an expert at taking photos from the bus. And point & shoot pics get their own post :)

Scotland2 002

Scotland2 011

Scotland2 022

Scotland2 007

Scotland2 029

Scotland2 034

Scotland2 036

Scotland2 035

Scotland2 032

Scotland2 042

Scotland2 046

Scotland2 052








+1 film photo I think I forgot to post:


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