Cha-ching, or: Things I Need Money For

September 12, 2010

In order to inspire myself to budget better, resist shopping urges–especially for clothes I don’t need, eat at restaurants (or even coffee shops) less often, and just give me something to be happy about and work toward.

Things I Really Want or Need (not including normal necessities and bills, or the small stuff I will inevitably buy throughout the semester)

  • A trip to NYC for my 25th birthday in December. After the semester ends, but before Christmas. This is a huge goal.
  • Driving lessons.
  • A hair cut. Hair cuts are a luxury for me, I guess because I started going somewhere nice for the first time in my life.
  • A few personal trainer sessions at the school gym.
  • Several of the books in my Amazon wish list, especially the ones that give career/financial advice.
  • A couple of upgrades around the house. We’re going on our second year in it now, and there’s been a little wear and tear in some areas. I am hoping for new bedding (ahh this will be so exciting), a new living room rug, and a new IKEA lamp or two. Just the cheap paper kind.

Things I’d Like

  • iPod touch (my iPod, 4-5 years old, is officially on its deathbed).
  • A few more books off of my Amazon wish list.
  • A second camera lens for my DSLR, now that I’ve been using the kit lens for 2 years.
  • Possibly touching up my highlights or doing something new with my hair color. Haven’t decided. But if I do, I’m having it done professionally. The days of botched at-home jobs (oh, how many there were) are over.
  • Eventually, I’d like most of my makeup, sunscreen, and other cosmetics to come from the list approved by the Environmental Working Group. It will take a while.
  • A massage. I always want a massage.
  • Hmm. Clothing. I know I will buy some before the year ends, it’s just inevitable, but I’d like any purchases to be good investments, not just, “Ooh, I didn’t plan to shop for clothes at Target today, but now that a cute dress is in front of my face…”. I need to take stock of what I have and return to this point. I do love me some good quality vintage clothing though.
  • [Update: Oops. Bought it.]

List to be continued.

Anyway, though I’ve been very stressed about the start of the new semester–and despite the drama and notoriety caused by a certain “church” in my town— I’m settling back in Gainesville pretty nicely. Ask me again in a few weeks and maybe then I’ll have actually unpacked from my eight weeks in Maryland and ten days in Scotland.

Making muffins


Back in Gainesville

Back in Gainesville

Back in Gainesville

Back in Gainesville

Back in Gainesville

PS: The blog I go to first every day lately is Afeitar. On top of baking drool-worthy desserts, featuring adorable outfits, and taking lovely photographs, Helen is a librarian, and I love when she writes about her job, books she’s reading, and occasionally politics. I’ve been meaning to check out her other blog, appropriately named Library Helen’s Blog, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. However, I find Afeitar to be very inspirational–the main reason I’m feeling motivated enough to bake more muffins today :)

I also came across the wonderful French for Cupcake through her blogroll, and to conclude the cooking/baking blog theme, I plan to try out recipes from Ming Makes Cupcakes and Chef Chloe soon (Chloe’s are vegan!).

2 Responses to “Cha-ching, or: Things I Need Money For”

  1. Gosh just hearing your list makes me want to shop :)

    I bought my iPod about 4 years ago, and I still adore it… I’m glad!! I’d be too tempted to buy a new one if I didn’t love it. I just threw a GelaSkin on it and it looks like new and tricks me into loving it the way it is.

    Even my Shuffle looks outdated to me now, but it still works and I don’t want the iPod Touch Shuffle.. *slaps self*

    What really helps me to not want things is to avoid seeing emails for new clothes or collections, going to the store, or just “browsing”.

    I have until end of December before I can buy myself any clothing LOL Not that I need any…

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Lol, sorry, I was trying to NOT encourage shopping!

    Yeah, if my iPod were still working properly I’d be happy with it…funny thing, the week it stopped working is the same week my GelaSkin started peeling off. I’ve had that cover on it since 2006! I think it’s a sign :)

    I completely agree about avoiding shopping temptations. I am definitely not using the mall as a place to “hang out” anytime soon and haven’t been opening too many store emails.

    Good luck holding out until December! I really need to as well!

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