Scrambled, Indeed

July 7, 2010

It has been over three weeks since my last update, and not for lack of interesting content. Frankly, too much has happened to bother catching up on here, in great detail anyway. The real culprit has been my computer situation though. I only have my netbook with me and it is NO fun to spend much time on. So posting is less appealing. But: I’m in the DC area (in Maryland) where I’ve been interning with a national feminist organization.

I’m finally getting into my groove. It took a little while, but I’ve realized it’s all about developing systems. Learning how to catch the bus just before it arrives, and to navigate the metro without looking terrified. Figuring out how to hold the key just right so it doesn’t stick in the front door. Planning my mornings so that I am always early and have time to grab coffee. Becoming more comfortable with the software at work so that I can ask fewer questions. Memorizing the layout of a different kitchen than my own. And doing all of these things alone, at least, without the help of my boyfriend whom I turn to for assistance quite a bit in Gainesville. Actually, Patrick came and visited me for a wonderful four-day Independence Day weekend, and he assumed I had a “knack” for this place. Ha. As though I’ve been traveling on the subway with finesse since the day I arrived. Me, the person who is so bad with directions I couldn’t tell you how to get to my high school from the house I grew up in. All of this is to say that after a bit of a learning curve, I’ve adjusted pretty well. It’s only for 8 weeks and I’m happy about that. But I already feel more capable of handling whatever changes come my way after I graduate in the spring.

Anyway, I have uploaded literally hundreds of new pictures on Flickr and cannot possibly post the majority of them here. Ooh, but speaking of Flickr, I’m loving the new larger “medium” size option for photos. Will definitely take advantage of that, seeing as I renewed my Pro account today. And speaking of pictures, I have indeed kept up with my Project 365 endeavor, though it has not gone as expected. Rather than enhancing my photography skills, they are some of the worst pictures I’ve taken in years. Half the time I forget to take my daily photo until I’ve nearly fallen asleep at night, and I’ll snap one of the junk food next to my bed, my computer screen, or my tv using a point and shoot camera in bad lighting, without much concern for the final product. But sticking with it is worth it. It has become more about documentation and commitment and I appreciate both those things. ((Note: it can take days for me to post them though, I’m not so concerned with daily uploads).

Project 365 has also had me pondering something from the introductory photography class I took last summer. Like me, but unlike my classmates, the instructor preferred film photography to digital (though the class was totally focused on digital). And I remember him pointing out that while film grain can be a desirable quality in film photos, no one has yet made pixelation look good or transformed it into a positive characteristic in digital photography. And although I still prefer film and even used a disposable camera on July 4th for the fun of it (yet to be developed), I don’t necessarily agree with that statement anymore. Something about Facebook and phone cameras and point & shoots and Photo Booth and Twitpic…I’ve noticed that I’m often drawn to fuzzy, dark, even pixelated digital snapshots lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it–it’s the intimacy they capture, maybe just from the ease of use–but I like them. And in my Project 365 process, I’ve kind of liked some of the lesser quality results, for the feelings I associate with the images more than the images themselves.


Vegging out after crazy day

Patrick arrived Friday :)

Last night in Gainesville

Aaah. This is what happens when I don’t blog for almost a month. I ramble on and on about mundane thoughts, which, okay, probably also need some release because I have fewer opportunities to blab them to a listening ear here in Maryland. I am done for now though. I will post a few of my DC pictures next, and who knows what else, with all the exciting stuff running through my head…

One Response to “Scrambled, Indeed”

  1. Julianne Says:

    I have to admit, I enjoy your rambling posts about mundane thoughts! I’ve also been inspired to start the 365 project because of you :)

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