Apartment Therapy*

June 1, 2010


Check it.

I’ve always wanted to do the whole take-and-post-one-photograph-every-day-for-a-year thing, and today, June 1, seems like a nice starting point.

Even though I already take a ton of pictures anyway, I think the project will 1) encourage me to take more creative shots, 2) force me to edit my photo selection carefully (a difficult task for me), and 3), motivate me to keep using my camera on days when I feel less than inspired.

While I like taking on new projects, I’m not always great with the commitment, but I think I can handle this. I know the end result (and of course the journey, blah blah blah) will be worth it.

I won’t post my 365 pictures here, just to avoid repetition–er, but maybe similar ones from the same batches. I tried to add a new page on this blog just to devote to the project (like my “About Me,” “My House,” and “Film Photography” headings above), but apparently you can’t update/”post” to a “page,” as I have learned. Oh well.

Anyway, here are some other photos from today. Why so many from the kitchen? Oh, because not only have I been spending too much time in it, but because I cleaned it like a madwoman yesterday. I’m talkin’ reorganized the cupboards, cleaned out the fridge and freezer (even the top), removed all the appliances to wipe down the counters underneath, etc. ‘Twas actually quite enjoyable. I almost said “therapeutic” but that doesn’t seem entirely appropriate considering I’m going to a fear clinic to address my, ahem, driving phobia later this week. A fear clinic. Now that’s therapy. (Insert “omg I’m gonna get my driver’s license before I turn 25, after all!” squeals here.)

June 1 - Morning

June 1 - morning

June 1 - Morning

June 1 - morning

June 1 - Morning

June 1 - Morning


June 1 - lunch

*I have begun recycling titles from earlier posts. I can’t help it. I hate thinking up new ways to name my entries.

One Response to “Apartment Therapy*”

  1. AuntieM Says:

    I love this project!

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