On the Brink.

April 21, 2010

So the other day, I suddenly had the urge to write my list of 10 things that make me happy, as I’ve seen on other blogs ’round these parts. (By the way, I’m always adding new links to my blog roll, it’s become my way of bookmarking anything and everything I like.) And I started the list, and got to number 6, and then had to stop because it was taking way longer than expected because I was taking it strangely seriously. So maybe I’ll get around to doing all 10 and post that soon, with photos, obv.

For now, spring internship is done and one final paper is down (awful, but it’s done). Two more to go, plus any grading. Oh, and I just remembered that my classmates and I are presenting on a panel about our MA work tomorrow. But then it’s summer! S-U-M-M-E-R. I can’t believe it.

I had an interview today for a summer internship but I don’t do well in phone interviews–I sound a little crazy. I’m definitely not putting my all eggs in the three best, uh, baskets, but there are definitely three summer positions that I’d be happy to be offered. However, I’m hoping not to start any kind of job (or school) until June so I can actually relax for the month of May, visit my family, visit Patrick’s family, and do all the fun stuff people do in the summer, especially people who live in Florida.

Anyway, just returned from my (and Herman’s) Wednesday ritual, walking to the farmers market. Patrick came too. We had a nice meal at the new cafe that opened right in the center of the market, and most of the options are vegan. We ordered every special on the menu and split them. I also noticed tons of people milling around with pretty bouquets of flowers and had to get one myself.

Farmers Market This isn’t actually a picture of the farmer’s market, I guess, but the plaza where dogs and kids hang out.

Farmers Market So. Good.

Farmers Market Those would be radishes.

Farmers Market

Farmers Market Said bouquet.

Farmers Market

And a few other pics from this week:

Locally sourced breakfast As I prepared this breakfast the other day I realized it was almost completely locally sourced: toasted rosemary bread (heavenly) from a local bakery–the kind of bread that’s literally made with, like, five basic ingredients; organic Florida strawberries; eggs from a local farm my old neighbor had given the seal of approval (she worked in sustainability and was an awesome resource on local food stuff); and organic Fair Trade coffee roasted here in town. BTW, that coffee is the best we’ve ever made. The package says to keep it in the freezer, which we’ve been doing but had never heard of before. Wonder if it makes all the difference?

Frazzled Herman Frazzled Herman under the table, wondering why I’m taking pictures of my food.

Blue nails I normally never use color on my fingernails because it makes my pale hands look so washed out. But I threw caution to the wind and lived like there was no tomorrow: I went blue.

One Response to “On the Brink.”

  1. Julianne Says:

    I always take those lists strangely seriously too. I hope you finish yours and post it! :)

    Your photographs of Florida have seriously made me fall in love with the place–especially the old houses. I hope I get to travel there one day.

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