April 5, 2010

I haven’t had much creative inspiration in my life since school has really taken over lately. Hopefully soon I can go out and take some (film) pictures as Patrick recently discovered several new streets and corners of the neighborhood I’d never explored before, including a tree house. The area I live in is really, really, really amazing. My whole life I sighed with yearning as I passed through cool historic districts in various cities, and now that I live in one, surrounded by gorgeous old houses, majestic and quaint, well-kept and decaying, cheerful and foreboding, I still can’t get enough of them. When I have the time to stop and look around, that is.

The semester is over at the end of this month. I have much to do before then but at least there is that light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I still don’t know what summer will entail, no matter what happens, it will be a change of pace:

  • My body is aching to amp up my exercise routine beyond walking with Herman–it wants to swim, run, dance, and do yoga.
  • I’ve already contacted two organizations about volunteering with them after school lets out. Both are actually Catholic groups who do work on hunger issues. Patrick was raised Catholic (including going to Catholic school for K-12), but I’ve never stepped foot in a Catholic church. Anyway, these organizations seem to be doing  some of the coolest projects I’ve seen in Gainesville.
  • I  was referred to the Habitat for Humanity group called “Women Build” by my intern supervisor. Apparently they train women in construction skills and I could really get down with that. I sent the local group and email and I’m waiting to hear back.
  • Finally, today I got a positive response from an organization I applied for an internship with in NYC, and we’ll be arranging an interview in the next few weeks.
  • It has suddenly occurred to me that I’d like to go camping.
  • So you can see why I’m anxious for summer to begin.

    I guess I’m not as stripped of inspiration as I thought, I just haven’t had much time to indulge. So I wanted to post some of the stuff I’ve been looking at on the internet, since it put me in a good enough mood to sit and type all this optimistic summer nonsense. Which reminds me (how could I forget?), I bought a plane ticket to SCOTLAND today, for a 10-day trip in August on a group tour led by my grandparents (I’ll be rooming with a girl about my age I’ve met once).

    Anyway, here goes:

    I’ve watched this video from the blog of amazing Etsy jeweler singleBbeautiful more than once because it never ceases to amaze me. I cannot get over all the magical looking gadgets and tools and had no idea how complicated the process of creating beautiful jewelry is.

    The next video is for the song Breathe Me, by Sia. It’s been in my head since they started using it in the trailers for, cough, that new Robert Pattinson movie. I originally posted the official video but then embedding was disabled, so here’s a video someone made using clips from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, my favorite movie of all time. [Update: Darn. Embedding is disabled for this one too. Well, click on through and see it for yourself, it’s worth it.]

    This post on the therapeutic qualities of photography resonates with me, as I turned to photography as a way of coping mere moments after learning my father had passed away. My camera comforted me that entire awful day.

    This post makes me believe that we can turn a local parking lot into a food-producing garden. It’s by a fellow Gainesvillian (?) whose blog I discovered through one of the aforementioned Catholic groups.

    These lights are simple but beautiful.

    This winter wedding in Norway feels not quite real to me. Too magical.

    This home in Australia is cheerful and refreshing. Actually, I’ve been totally avoiding design and fashion related blogs and shops recently. They are a luxury that’s out of the question until I have more time on my hands again. I’m also somehow not in the mood to want things right now, nor to worry about improving my own home. However, despite all that, I happened to stumble across this anyway and really liked it.

    This exhibit on Florida pioneers allows visitors to “touch, dip, pull, push, eat, sweat and have fun.”

    All these sets of photos were taken by Ashley, a friend from high school, as she travels around the world.

    Whisper. Videos.

    This bathing suit from Target has nothing to do with the internet. I bought it this weekend and now I’m pumped to sneak into an apartment pool ’round here.

    I guess that brings me to the real inspiration that has kept me going day after day recently: IT’S WARM OUTSIDE. Finally. Finally. Finally. I know that even though this was one of the coldest winters on record for Gainesville, the weather has been mild compared to many other states. But I’m not happy until the breeze blowing on my bare arms early or late in the day doesn’t give me goosebumps. And it’s finally getting there. Alleluia.

    Now that I have all that off my chest, or out of my fingers, it’s time for bed. It was too early to justify going to sleep when I was tired earlier, but suddenly it’s almost midnight and I can’t believe it’s gotten so late.

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