January 29, 2010

Herman got groomed

Over 4 weeks later, I am updating my to-do list.

1. Order all books I haven’t yet bought.
2. Create schedule, including time for working on homework and internship research, and stick to it.
3. Do all homework (reading and writing).
4. Clean house/ do laundry.
5. Start looking ahead to bigger assignments – final papers, presentations, etc.
6. Decide whether I’m doing a thesis or non-thesis project.
7. Come up with general topic, and read through literature I love to develop some kind of approach. Consider further involvement with my internship organization. Find adviser. Update grad coordinator.
8. Complete all steps for Canadian passport.
9. Submit all applications for upcoming scholarships and summer jobs. Check on fellowship money.
10. Make doctors’ appointments.
11. Find out about seeing grandparents in February.
12. Determine whether Scotland trip is possible.
13. Take Herman to vet. And on longer walks.
14. Cook meals ahead of time. Don’t let food go to waste.
15. Wake up earlier and get started earlier.
16. Try not to fantasize too much about running away from it all.

One Response to “Doing.”

  1. SF Says:

    Hi Toni,

    I love your blog and beautiful colorful photos you post.

    So I’ve been watching your struggle with getting schoolwork done. As someone who herself went through a lot of similar struggle I wanted to share the advice that helped me immensely to adjust my attitude and schedule as well as reduce anxiety and constant guilt. I’ve stumbled upon StudyHacks blog ( which contains a lot of sound tips on studying. Although it is geared towards undergrads, many posts can be applied to a grad student.

    Also I’ve read many books on the topic but the book “How to write a lot” has provided by far the most sensible (and concise!) kick to get things done. You can read it in a couple of hours and enjoy the benefit for years to come.

    In my personal experience, creating daily schedule to deal with the most guilt-inducing, anxiety-producing task (e.g. homework or research writing) makes you productive with all other tasks later in the day almost automatically. The key is to do this in the morning. I started with committing one hour every morning and it worked wonders.

    I wish you the best in your studies. And keep posting those photos! :) After you got one hour of work done that is…

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