Up In The Air

January 12, 2010

I experience a small amount of trepidation when flying in planes, but I love airports. Wish I were in one now, getting ready to travel somewhere exciting. I love packing a carry-on bag. Releasing myself of any superfluous items, only carrying things that are vital or enjoyable–camera, wallet, phone. IPod, magazine, snacks. I love getting dressed for traveling by plane. I love drinking coffee and people-watching. I love layovers at busy airports. I love passports, even though I haven’t renewed mine since I was six. I love Natalie Portman in Closer.

Here are some thrilling photos from my own recent in-sky adventure.

At the airport




One Response to “Up In The Air”

  1. Brianna Says:

    Hi. I totally have the same feelings towards airports, I save my most stylish outfits for planes thinking that something amazing is going to happen- that never does. I love your blog too! I used to watch your you tube videos– but now found you had this haha. -Brianna

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