All Over the Place

December 18, 2009

I normally don’t like posting pictures on here that I didn’t take. It’s not for any particular reason, I guess I just know of SO many blogs that primarily feature photographs from elsewhere that somehow I like to keep mine limited to my own photography. But lately I’ve found myself saving and bookmarking pictures from all over the internet, and I guess I’ll post them whenever I see fit.

These are stills from the movie Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers (1936) which I caught the tail end of today. Patrick and I were flipping through the channels and I kept making him stop on the Turner Classic Movies channel, which was playing the film, each time I saw a new outfit on screen. They were just so stunning. The beautiful white dress at the end had me totally swooning. The funny thing is, the top part of the dress has kind of a Charlotte Russe look about it. I bet if I wanted to find a similar one for, oh I don’t know, my [hypothetical] wedding, it wouldn’t be impossible. While we’re at it, can I just confess that I have this secret fantasy of getting married in the Tampa Theatre, old Hollywood style? Sigh. I hate to participate in the dream wedding talk, but it’s the truth.

Swing Time - 1936

Swing Time - 1936

Swing Time - 1936

Swing Time - 1936

Swing Time - 1936

Here are some decidedly less glamorous pics, taken with my new point and shoot camera! This is exciting. I got my beloved DSLR in October 2008, and it has been a wonderful contribution to my life. However, I haven’t had a compact P&S in something like 2 years, and the bulky Nikon D40 often gets left at home when I’m going out. It just isn’t practical when I’m hanging out with friends to bust out the humongous camera. Or when I’m trying to sneak pictures covertly, like when I snap pics of my food in restaurants. I imagine this little guy will get lots of use when I’m home for the holidays. I’d been looking at this model online and when I saw it at Target today, I just splurged impulsively. Oops.

Testing new point-and-shoot!

Testing new point-and-shoot!

Testing new point-and-shoot!

Testing new point-and-shoot!
(For a Florida flip-flop girl, some much needed close-toed shoes.)

Oh, but I haven’t only been shopping for myself. Indeed, got all my family’s Christmas presents today. Let’s hope I can pay my rent in January. The end of a semester is a bad time for a student living on financial aid and fellowship money…not that I let it stop me.

One Response to “All Over the Place”

  1. Ashley Hietpas Says:

    End of the year is a really awful time for us college folk. Thankfully this break I’m working at Peterbrooke. I’m working this Monday through Christmas Eve with no days off.

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