Taking the Good with the Bad

December 5, 2009

Ignoring the insanity that is finals week, here’s some good stuff:

-Patrick took me out for an early birthday dinner
-…My birthday is next week
-His family’s coming to visit
-We’ll probably do some fun stuff with them (I’ll remain vague for now)
-Christmas break is getting closer and closer
-I have an internship interview (scary but a good thing)

Here are some photos from our fabulous evening. The restaurant, which is converted from an adorable historic home, actually closes around 3:30 pm but reopens for drinks and appetizers on Friday nights. We ordered practically everything on the menu, which did not go unnoticed by the staff, who seemed amused. In our defense, we cleaned our plates…or maybe that’s not in our defense. Either way, I’ll definitely go back for a real entree soon.











One Response to “Taking the Good with the Bad”

  1. […] food pics are not as glorious, sniff sniff), but a great date at the same restaurant we went to for my birthday. The weather has been cold, rainy, and miserable and there was no way I you get me in a skirt or […]

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