Home Again

November 15, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, Patrick and I went to visit my family yesterday. It’s about an hour and a half away. Normally I bombard them with my camera while I’m there, but it was such a short trip I figured I’d wait until Thanksgiving to do that. Here are some pictures from the ride back today.

Road trip

Road trip

Road trip

Road trip I probably shouldn’t show this picture. It may be on par with Britney Spears driving with her son in her lap. I never know: Do people actually buckle up their dogs? Should I be?

Nice to come home to
Ah, nice to come home to my new flowers on the front porch.

Thrifted (wrinkly) tablecloth

Thrifted (wrinkly) tablecloth
And a new, thrifted, wrinkly, sorta Southwestern-style tablecloth. Welcome back.

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